We have just been asked by our partners to fill two thousand vacancies in High School Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as well as Social Work dealing with Children and Families by September 2016 in the United Kingdom through a Commonwealth wide recruitment drive. As the Managing Director of this organization which represents the Commonwealth Shortage Area Worker in the UK I would like to make it clear to you why you should work with us as opposed to any other agency. My argument is a simple trident approach which covers three areas. These are:

  1. Your welfare
  2. Your security
  3. The development of your home country 

Your welfare is the core of what we do.

​We work with our partners to ensure that each candidate is placed in a role for which they are suitably qualified and from which they will be able to make substantial economic, social and cultural progress over the course of five years and beyond. We help you to plan a short, medium and long term picture of where you want to be in life and we set objectives, from inception, to see to it that those goals are achieved at each phase of your development. By only recruiting the best and the brightest from the English Speaking Commonwealth we ensure that we can guarantee to you that come what may, there will be a place for you to thrive and give back to both societies involved in your development. 

​We secure your comfort and peace of mind.

​By working with our trusted partners in legal and relocation and by giving guarantees on your behalf we not only bring down the cost of relocation we give you the certainty of knowing how things will unfold and that there will be someone with you at each step of the way.  Work with us for a personalized service based on knowledge of the area where you will live as well as the ability to collectively bargain on your behalf for the best rates on food, clothing and housing.
In addition to a minimum level of service for everyone we will be rolling out The CEAC Members’ Club in April to coincide with the first wave of arrivals in teaching. This club will enable our members to associate directly with their peers in Official Shortage Areas as well as decision makers in government, business and society.  These links, in addition to specialist help in legal, accounting and market research, we expect, will enable our members to start  businesses of their own and make their own unique contribution to UK Society above and beyond the necessary contribution which their presence in Official Shortage Areas will undoubtedly have for the economy, families and the society as a whole. 

​We reinvest our profits in your homeland.

​By working with you in tandem with hiring organizations we make a substantial profit which as a Social Enterprise we reinvest in your homeland. Mindful of future development prospects we are securing the “prosperity pipeline” for Commonwealth Youths which runs from school [Commonwealth] to job [UK]. Our target is to reinvest eighty percent of profits into Developing  Countries to ensure that in twenty years you are confident enough to take the skills gained from the UK back to your home country after a profitable stint of work and life in the UK.  We are the only organization working directly with the Jamaican Government to secure licensing as the first step towards legitimately tackling unemployment while addressing the developmental needs of Jamaica as a part of the Caribbean.
We have several large scale projects in the developmental stage which will provide local jobs and interconnect Jamaica at the regional level. All of this will be the result of your work in the United Kingdom being at the forefront of cultural contact between two countries. 


​No other Human Resource Consultancy of any specialization can claim to offer to you, your family and your country what we are currently doing. By working with us you are voting for inclusive development of the Commonwealth as a whole which is mindful of and actively pursuing the interests of all parties whether individual, national or regional in their respective place as equals. Apply now and use our services and together we will build your world.