A response to the Gleaner article by Keiran King “Why Jamaica is Poor.”

Hello to my fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean Nationals in Jamaica and around the world. My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. CEAC [Seek] is a transnational, British Jamaican owned enterprise dedicated to creating a better life for people in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Commonwealth. We intend to do this by incentivising your education in fields which happen to be official shortage areas in British and First World Industries. An official shortage area in a country is one where there are not enough locals who are able to fulfil the demand for workers in that field. In the United Kingdom, where I happen to be based, Engineering, Social Work with children and families, Neonatal intensive care nursing and midwifery as well as Teaching Mathematics and Pure Sciences happen to be official shortage areas.  In practical terms this means that if you had a helping hand to find  that job, employ you in that job and relocate you to do that job your personal earnings would be anywhere between £22,000 and £35,000 per year as a starting salary.  Please take a moment, if you wish, to calculate this in Jamaican dollars.

Now that you know that you could be earning anywhere between three point eight to six point zero nine million Jamaican dollars per year I will proceed to answer Keiran King’s Gleaner article “Why Jamaica is Poor”.

Jamaica is poor because YOU, yes YOU reading this article, have not made optimum use of the talent entrusted by The Master [God] to you. Jamaica is still poor because WE, yes WE, have not yet done as every other great power before us has done; which is to march forth and lay claim to more of the world than we are entitled to. While not doing this we have lost the chance to tap the vast potential of our Diaspora. Jamaica is still poor because we have forgotten about valuable allies in the form of Jamaicans living overseas. Sadly most of them have also forgotten about “us” in Jamaica and our seemingly petty struggles. Jamaica is poor NOW because of what we each decide to do NOW. We are not poor because black and white people happened to live and die on the island two hundred years ago. I will now dare to prescribe a solution to Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s problems because if you take one thing away from my article it should be that he who dares wins.

Systems need to be put in place, yes,  and I believe that these systems are developing as we speak. These systems will slowly but surely subsume the redundant political layer of our societies. This system is the multi-national corporation. If conditions are right and final decision making power falls into the hands of a benevolent managing director then he can chart the course of his company to the betterment of all those who work for it, invest in it and who use its services. I won’t leave you in the dark about which multinational corporation I am referring to.

The Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is dedicated to the repatriating of a fair portion of the wealth generated from the liberation of our professional classes from Jamaica. It is a no brainer to me that if we had a pension fund for Diaspora residents under, CEAC management, which invested in growth areas of Jamaican and Caribbean industry then we would create a financial circumstance where industries strived to be growth areas and to make themselves worthy of the investment of their brothers and sisters overseas. With proper due diligence done by disinterested overseas parties the wealth of our Diaspora would not be wasted. It would be available to each contributor to comfortably retire in the Caribbean Island of their choice. Twenty years of work in Britain would come home and it would create jobs for young carers and others who would look after their wealthy elders. They would work, save and study, learn from the experiences of these wise older people and then make the journey overseas to claim their own wealth. All of this is possible now that I have said it and now that you have read it.

The problem with us Jamaicans, like Mr. King, is that we look inwards and to the past for solutions. We should look outwards and to the future for how to live; for the past is gone and the person is decaying. Countries become great when old men plant trees they will never live to sit under. This is the view we should adopt. It is the view of the conqueror, the subjugator of lands, the lords of the earth. The money I have spent to come to this realization, living in the UK for the past four years totals around £80,000 and implementing my vision will take another £120,000 just to begin. I know what my destiny costs and I happen to know a bank that will give me the mortgage for it. CEAC could be your bank. All that we ask is that you work at the job you studied for in a land that will pay heftily for your services and that you save towards your retirement. The company will look after all other things and you will have fun in the intermittent years. You will then return to a country you would be proud to have built. I want you to dream of the first Caribbean Empire, then I want you to search for the Caribbean East Atlantic Company.  Find out about us and what we can do for you. Seek and you shall find.

My name is Peter Campbell and I would like to inspire you, to conquer the world. 

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