I want to challenge you to redefine the reason why you do what you do. Why? It is our reasons for doing things that drive our long term direction and success. And to do things without a good reason or one at all is to waste one’s life.  I see in this country, especially at its lower levels a kind of quandary as to why we each should get up in the mornings and go to jobs which are boring and tedious. There is good reason for this, in a wealthy welfare state which is king of many other states it is not necessary for every one of its citizens to work for the state to survive. I believe in necessary work as differentiated from wage slavery or peonship. I believe that such work is in ample supply if only we all took a moment to consider what is actually necessary. 
When I first started working in Jamaica it was so that I could discover the world around me and learn a skill. When I first started working in the UK it was because I was broke and needed to survive. Then I passed that stage and worked because it was fun and I got to relate my experiences in work to others and, in a way, feel important. Then I worked for extra money, so that I could consume a bit more and feel good.  But all these reasons for working become passé if you think about them long enough.

When I started this company I wanted to change the world and bring a better life to people who had been struggling in the same place for a long time. I felt needed and necessary and that has driven me from the start until now. The person or group who needs you is your customer. To satisfy them is to gain their love. And you are nobody until somebody loves you. We are each necessary to the changing cause of humanity. We must each seek out the need which we are best placed to fill and fill it not for the glory of consumption or for social status nor even for our own self actualization but because in that moment when we are needed we are powerful and this power must be judiciously exercised. 


I work because the world needs me; I work because I look around and there is work that needs to be done.  Why do you work?