This post was inspired by a man named Mr. Sotomayor who reaffirmed in me the belief that we all have a choice. Sometimes our choice may appear to be between bad and worse options but I believe that if we seek it out we can find the good and the better.  What I will now write are fresh ideas in one stream of thought.

Will you make a choice?

What do I do? 

In my day job I help people find their way in life in a very profound way. I hope that my company will grow into the sort of thing where I help people internationally to find their place in the world through a set of interventions which are geared towards quantitatively and qualitatively improving the prospects and outcomes of a person’s life.

Dedication: To the African and Global Diaspora

This post is specifically for people in the African Diaspora around the world and the additional three percent of the world population who have traveled and are now overseas from their land of birth and cultural origin. This post I hope will help you on your heroic quest abroad and guide you home with the bounties that you hunted for in strange and distant lands. 

How can we get home? 

Some of us were born into a Diaspora, for some it has been generations since any of us have made contact with our respective Motherlands and peoples. For some of us contact with Africa is outside of living or even modern memory.  But we can get home because getting home is a set of choices; psychological actions which take us one step at a time towards our destiny. Once you have done your research and meditation on both the internal and external to self, then it will be time for practical matters. 

Practical matters

The cost of international travel has come down considerably over the last three generations. International travel which once cost a life savings now costs one month’s salary on minimum wage in any of the held countries of the western world where International and African Diasporas exist.  Saving from the resources of your work is essential to making your first move. Learn to conserve and live within your means. Technology and social contact outside of immediate acquaintances will also broaden your horizons and chances for meeting like minds with a shared struggle and belief system. Once you have saved enough to leave where you are then you must have a clear idea where you are going and what you are going to do once you get there. Having eyes and ears on the other side and a standard and necessary education are indispensable tools. 

International public works projects

I have identified three additional countries which I wish to bring within the ambit of my work and development plans. They are Ghana, India and Australia. They each hold a special place in my received consciousness as places to which Africans of the past have journeyed to and from. I believe that if I travel the world and lay down bases of operation it will inspire others to do the same. Through our production and consumption footprints we can each individually help to build the worlds, our homes, which we choose to be a part of. 


Flag of Ghana


Flag of India


Flag of Australia

My personal journey

I grew up learning about the triangle trade in school. Enslaved people were procured from West Africa and sent to the Caribbean, North America and South America. I learnt that goods were sent on to England and the ships would begin again in Africa forming a triangle of travel. I have taken one step towards completing the round trip. I am in Britain. My next personal step will be to make contact with Ghana and begin the process of making a real connection with the Motherland. Once the cycle has been completed I will be free to help free others. 


These are but a set of free flowing ideas meant to awaken you to the possibility of your own international travel. It starts with the first decision and then the second and so on and so forth.  My choice was to write this article about my current intentions as a message to my brothers and sisters around the world.  I have many more choices to make on the way to Ghana and on the way to creating a profitable business entity. Feel free to contact me if you feel it will assist your journey around the world. I can be reached at . My name is Peter Campbell reporting from London United Kingdom. Seek and you shall find.