Michael Tyner Alsbury (Space Pilot)


Sir Richard Charles Branson

Hello, my name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of a company which represents the peaceful rise of the Caribbean as a cultural force for good. I know I drew some of you in with the prospect of finding out what the meaning of life is. I won’t disappoint, or impose on your patience. The meaning of life can be extrapolated from life itself. It is the two fold accumulation and dissemination of resources and energy to the end of creating more life. Simply put, the purpose or “meaning” of life is to accumulate and consume and to give birth to new life. I sussed this out at age twenty-four after running a self help group for a year. You might think it was unwise of me to give away the prize so early and therefore there is nothing left to read on about. Well, in the spirit of good faith I would like to ask you the reader to keep reading. Since I delivered one nugget of wisdom without going around the houses it is probable that I could have more, and all you’d need to spare is time.

The conundrum   

The conundrum with life, human life, is that in our accumulation and consumption of resources and energy we destroy [some] life. That is, fields have to be cleared from forest for farming, animals have to die for our food and our waste makes a small bit of the world uninhabitable. If you take a world view of the situation it would appear as if by accumulating and consuming resources and energy we are destroying more life than we create. This was the case when our ancestors drove the Woolly Mammoth to extinction and it is true of us today with fossil fuels which represent the accumulated dead dinosaurs of the past, which we use but as yet have no way to replace.   The conundrum is this: the meaning of life isn’t that it leads to more life through accumulation and dissemination, it is that on the formula which it is currently based and the trajectory on which it has been described life will end. Life will end individually and life will end collectively. The conundrum simply stated is this: “The meaning of life is death.”

So if you’ve read thus far you’ve had two awakenings. There is more, I promise you. All you have to do is keep reading.

The solution

I for one have not accepted the second awakening which is that life leads to death naturally. I haven’t reached that realization for myself personally [that I will die one day] and I definitely will not concede that sentient life as we know it will not exist one day. In the absence of the “roll over and die” mentality I have to come up with solutions to the world’s problems. My solutions represent an amalgamation of solutions which already exist. That’s the beauty of my solution it doesn’t involve doing new things it simply involves doing the best of the same things well. Here is my list of solutions:

1)      Social Singularity applied to the following areas:

i)                    Engineering (Research and develop renewable energy as one unit)

ii)                   Medicine (Bring together all health practitioners of the world to provide healthcare to all)

iii)                 Culture (Teach everyone something useful which furthers the information age)

iv)                 Society  (Police the family unit with social workers so that the next generation is guaranteed)

2)      Work towards the creation of a maximum eight Imperial hegemonies worldwide to govern everyone. Then working towards amalgamating all eight empires into one united nation by general acclaim. This would be done by not undermining existing empires and fostering the creation of Empires where there is currently lawlessness.

3)      The colonization of the solar system is the only way that human life can continue unchecked. As an outlet for human ingenuity this ideal could replace the need for defence sectors which now use war as a necessary driver of innovation.

Ok so my ideas are a bit nutty. They start from my pet idea that we work “as one” and continue on to political unification of the planet and culminate in space travel. I know it’s a bit nutty; but I gave you the meaning of life didn’t I? Not just once but twice! Please read the conclusion and tell me what you think in the comments. 


Michael Tyner Alsbury died in a Virgin Galactic spaceship crash last week. I believe that the investment of his life represents a more worthy sacrifice of human life than every life lost in the Afghan War on Terror; because whereas man has walked on the moon before and will tread it again someday, stalemate is the best result we can ever hope to achieve by fighting terror with terror.  Social Singularity, however, on the business, political and technological front represents our best chance at creating a viable perpetual society for everyone in which desires are quenched by action and the meaning of life is not eventual death but inevitable life. 

My name is Peter Campbell, seek and you shall find.