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Love thy enemy


Could you love this man? (President of Syria)

What about this man? Former President of Iraq.

How about him? Former President of Libya.
Had we asked these questions about Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi (pictured above) maybe we wouldn’t be facing such grim prospects as the second video predicts. This will be the thought I would like you to take away. Until we can love something about our most vilified rival we will continue to reflect back to ourselves the worst aspects of ourselves.  So let me play the game which drew you into this article:

  1. I like how I know nothing about him [Bashar al-Assad]. This is not proof that he has no personality but proof that I am ill informed by my media. I like how the only other Syrian leader I know is Nimrod, which literally means, I was told, mighty hunter in opposition to God.  That’s as far as my primary knowledge of Syria goes without consulting Google. I basically only know that it is one of those once mighty empires that once existed in ancient history.
  2. I like how Bashar al-Assad still has friends. Unlike Saddam and Gaddafi those friend’s have come to his aid when others tried to bully him out of power and totally destabilize his country.
  3. Most of all, I love how even faced with the most sophisticated and well funded terrorist/freedom fighter organization [wherever you stand] in the history of the middle east he has not throw in the towel yet.

The West needs love too

I’ll now play my “love of the country and leader” game with the collective west which includes the United States of America, Great Britain and France .

  1. I love how the US likes to give other countries a helping hand ; even when they vehemently deny that they need one. A friend’s frown is truly better than a fool’s smile.
  2. France and the United Kingdom; I love how in spite of the fact that you once had a global empire, some would say caliphate of your own, you can still wholeheartedly lecture those who would like to relive your glory days themselves. Two rights definitely equate going backwards.
  3. Saudi Arabia, I love how you keep an iron grip on power and defend your cartel by selling cheap oil and driving out the competition. Proof positive that soft power has its place.


Say what you might about my mild jibes and meandering opinions but it does not take away from the fact that when you love a thing you take ownership of your feelings towards it and when you hate you disassociate yourself from what are still your feelings.

What should we do in the face of terrorism you might ask? I say; “Plant a tree, raise a child and love your neighbor as yourself. Against these things there is no law and no means to resist.”

My name is Peter Campbell, writing from the United Kingdom; seek and you shall find.