A New Year’s Message

My name is Peter Campbell. And I pray to the Heavens and the Gods that rule us all that one day I too shall see the Motherland, Africa. I pray that I will know her in the same way that I now know my Fatherland Europe and that I will be able to make a contribution there as I make one here today. I pray that Africa and the Caribbean will rise in the same way that China has risen against all pessimism and we too will go forth on a mission of contribution to the world as equals. I pray that each person who reads this New Year’s Message will be inspired to make the changes in their life that lead to long-term prosperity.  I pray for worldwide harmony even though there are those with unprecedented power who fight against this common end.

More work needs to be done

Our work in the English Speaking Commonwealth is far from complete. Vast inequalities persist in the standards of living across the English speaking realms and these problems will not be solved by the leaders who are beholden to the inequalities they themselves have produced and tacitly condone. Change will only come when we each understand the forces massed against us and in that understanding undergo a radical paradigm shift within ourselves who are, whether we like it or not, products of the very inequalities which we fight.  Work needs to be done to unify the various Commonwealths of the world so that we are able to draw inspiration and advice from their stories and solicit material and technical assistance from their people on a grassroots level. The future lies in Social Singularity; no longer will there be an English, French, Russian or Chinese Commonwealth. Instead there will only be the will of the International Community. This future has not yet been achieved but I pray that we shall overcome, someday.

There are problems everywhere

There are problems everywhere and in all strata of society; from extreme poverty among two billion of our fellow humans to underemployment and a lack of useful education among the middle-classes and our youth. Our elite are not spared of worry either; their existence is at best precarious in a world of pain and dissatisfaction and without a sense of direction which identifies them with the rest of us they know that a day will come when hell boils over and spills into their world. Their need for a discovery of self and actualization of noble causes is the pinnacle of a journey which we should all be able to walk.  The commonality of problems links us all and through it we can all come together.  I pray that one day we will overcome hate and love will reign as king.

Victory; sought but not guaranteed

The victory of our common good over our collective enslavement is not by any means assured. It will only happen if we fix the idea of it clearly in our minds and work diligently and uncompromisingly towards its tangible effecting.  For this reason and because we acknowledge that we have a role to play in this victory the Caribbean East Atlantic Company is publicly outlining its plans for 2016.

  1. We will strive to offer at least five thousand jobs to Commonwealth Nationals around the Commonwealth to come and work in the United Kingdom; thus improving the long-term prospects for them and their families and the many others who will step up into their place.
  2.  We will reinvest the profits made from the business services provided into our budding agrarian business starting in Jamaica which will see ten million pounds placed into: Agricultural Infrastructure, Technology, Logistical improvements, Training and oversight of the supply chain and Business Services offered to small farmers (5 acres or less)
  3.  We will expand into informal sectors of the Caribbean economy such as the beauty sector providing solutions to the needs of the people in a way which respects the work being done as well as the growing needs of the consumer which need to be fulfilled.

Our solution

Equity will not be achieved so long as we continue to do as we are told. We must each rebel against the accepted ways of operation and our own flawed education. Those of us who care about the future of our world and its communities must take up strategic positions of influence around the world and reinforce their position with others of the same stripe. We cannot appeal to the better natures of those with their boots on our necks. Instead we must band together and out-compete them because we are the means of production and victory lies with the global majority.
I appeal to the leaders of the Caribbean Community to join me in blazing a trail from the Caribbean and South America to Europe and Africa and the rest of the world.  Together we the people who work and think for a more harmonious world can overcome the evils of poverty, economic tyranny and slavery in all its manifestations and the parochial superstitions and prejudices about others which exist today. Together, we shall overcome, someday.