America decides to normalize relations with Cuba and suddenly everyone remembers international affairs. But did you know that if the Labour Party of Britain wins the next general election then there will be a need for 20,000 additional nurses in the National Health Service? Is the Caribbean ready for the positive and negative impacts of this windfall?

The Rise of Africa

Britain is America’s closest ally but look further south. Has anyone noticed that our African continent has been growing at “Chinese-like” rates since the turn of the century? What are you doing to take part in that growth? How willing at all are you to share in our brother’s bounty ? 

The Brazilian Powerhouse 

America is doing fine but what do we know about Brazil? How has the Caribbean been benefiting from this economic powerhouse? Is it time we plugged up to the closest of the BRICS nations? I’ve heard some ideas about rapid industrialization in the Caribbean but let’s leave politics out of this. Individual, collective and corporate action is needed to take advantage of growth around the world. This is how we are going to stay afloat as a region.

China: The next Great Power? 

Did you know that China has been growing exponentially for the past twenty years? Jamaicans bawling for factory work and I say to them, go to China. My philosophy is that whatever you want  is in abundance somewhere in the world. But you have to go get it.

Australia: Optimist or Pessimist?   

To be honest I know Jack skit about Australia, the sixth largest country in the world by area.  But if I don’t know anything about the country and the South Pacific region how will I know if that is where my dream job is? I’m committed to learning about and adding Australia to my personal map. 


Each of these regions has a lesson for us. Your lesson is for you to act on. As a region the Caribbean needs to decouple itself from the United States and look for growth and ideas around the world for a multi-polar and sustainable future.  This will require specific and in-depth understanding of the inner workings of growth areas around the world. Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is committed to providing you with the information and opportunities necessary for you to take advantage of the growth in our world. So why not give us a call in the New Year? We are always glad to help.

My name is Peter Campbell reporting from London United Kingdom. Seek, and you shall find.