I feel as if we are on the brink of realizing great and powerful things. Getting to this point has been an epic struggle and I foresee that there are even greater struggles ahead. If you are reading this you probably have aspirations of world travel and a better job within a better life. As someone who has done it before here is a synopsis of how I got here and the strategy for what I intend to do next. 

How I got here:

When on the brink of greatness:

1)      I learnt the basics of public speaking from my father by studying the bible.

2)      I applied myself in both primary and secondary school.

3)      I won a scholarship to attend the University of the West Indies.

4)      I came to the realization that there was a whole world outside of Jamaica which I would never discover if I stayed at university to the end;  So I quit to travel the world.

5)      I learnt early on that there is a place for hard work, skill and luck, each separate and in its own measure.

6)      In moments of solitude I discerned that as a young person I needed to create a role for myself if I was to be successful.

7)      I began my writing about women’s affairs and in June of 2013 founded Caribbean East Atlantic Company.

8)      Two years on I have written over twenty thousand words on subjects related to the mission of the company.

9)       I have worked hard saved, invested in the company and had a bit of luck in the people I have met. 

Here is my strategy, and possibly yours, for what to do next:

When on the brink of greatness

1)      Do not quit

2)      Redouble your efforts in quality and quantity

3)      Seek out new allies with shared interests and added capabilities

4)       Accept the advice of the prudent and build it into your strategy

5)      Take care of yourself and your family

6)      Be financially prudent: save, conserve, invest

For you, like me, being on the brink of your next big move is the culmination of years of hard and effective work. But it will take much more work to pass from potential to actuality. If you plan on making a life in the UK then you need a singularity of purpose which is lacking in most people. If you have or want this quality then there are people like us who are eager to help you in your pioneering quest.  Finding these people is a part of your mission. You must also be willing to learn all the ins and outs of the journey you plan to take. Immerse yourself in your journey mentally even before you go on it physically. By doing this you will make it so real that the universe will have no choice but to let it happen.

These are my hopes and advice to you and to myself.  I wish that we didn’t have to be on the brink. I wish we could all be successful now. But it is the process that makes the person therefore we must all go through our own individual processes and journeys.

My name is Peter Campbell. To those of you who seek a better life in the UK I say keep seeking and you shall find it. 

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Posted by Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited on Monday, May 18, 2015