Two years ago today I decided to start a company which would make Britain more accessible to people from the developing world with the shortage area skills that the UK said it needed. I named the business Caribbean East Atlantic Company in homage to both where I came from and where I had gone to; the deeper meaning behind the name being that like the British East India Company of years gone by I intended to trade with and explore the world and in doing so build an empire. I would not just do this myself but I would enable everyone whom I came in contact with to do the same too.

I was told by one of my countrymen from Jamaica that installing people in Britain from the developing world was the equivalent of putting  men on the moon; it would be expensive, difficult and in the end pointless. I thought otherwise and so I gathered a team of professionals to consider the problem.  My argument was and still is that enabling people to move to the country of their choice for the work that their ability marks them and for which the land has a genuine need is the most democratic thing that has not yet been done. 

There are problems both seen and unseen which prevent the individual from realizing their dreams of travel and self betterment. And even after surmounting those obstacles the imperfect attempting of their ambitions thwarts many countless more for good. This means that as a world population we are using but a fraction of our true potential if so many are held in stasis and trapped in poverty of opportunity and the knowledge to make use of it. 

Some of the problems we face are systemic and can only be confronted through concerted efforts of groups of individuals who are resourced and trained for the task of fighting certain problems. For example systemic racism in the United Kingdom and other developed countries can only be tackled if the recruitment system highlights objective indicators of competency which transcend racial and cultural lines.

In order to level the playing field we are issuing letters of recommendation to international candidates which highlight their performance on UK accredited psychometric tests as well as standardized comparisons of international qualifications to UK qualifications. We will also undertake background checks of all persons we issue recommendations to and guarantee that wherever they are in the world we will assist with their relocation to the UK for work. 
What this will mean is that anyone anywhere with the right skills needed for an Official Shortage Area trade can legitimately apply for a job and expect to be treated just as anyone else within or outside of the country. In order to reaffirm our legitimacy in making the recommendation we will undertake international standardized certification which will demonstrate to the world that our word is our bond and can be relied on. 

This is but a part of a very complex solution that I am rolling out as a service that our company will provide for the social good. While we will charge a fee for our services to cover the cost of operation we will voluntarily commit to re-investing half our profits into projects which benefit the international community and particularly the developing world. By doing this we hope to harmonize the movement of people internationally. We hope to contribute positively to source and host countries alike and expand knowledge and acceptance of the necessity of expatriates. 

Caribbean East Atlantic Company (CEAC) [pronounced seek] stands for exploring new worlds and breaking down barriers wherever they are. We believe that whoever you are; if you seek you shall find. 

My name is Peter Campbell reporting from company HQ in London. If you have read this message, your journey has already begun.