While not being partisan in local politics Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited looks with favour at Labour leader Ed Miliband’s proposal to source twenty thousand new nurses to fill vacancies in the NHS. We believe that as a rising tide lifts all ships we as a company will be able to profit from whoever these jobs ultimately go to. As Managing Director of this company I was watching the media particularly the Evening Standard for thoughts and feelings on the potential “how” of this plan’s implementation.

An article by Niki Chesworth highlights the fact that solving the problem of finding twenty thousand additional nurses will not be easy.   Most nurses who want to be in a nursing job are and those who quit did so for financial or other reasons. I found Chesworth’s solution of more training and encouraging others back into the field hollow.  I found it hollow because it glossed over the real difficulties that the British system as a whole faces in creating all the nurses which it needs.

There will come a point when our need for nurses actually outstrips our absolute ability to create them.  It is better to contemplate that time sooner rather than later and to put in place systems to account for this eventuality.  Underpinning this company’s strategy is the belief that jobs should go to those who deserve it and who would appreciate it. This underpins the job satisfaction necessary for the individual to perform.  This might mean outsourcing jobs to qualified migrants who would step up into the role rather than step down.

Our belief extends to the notion that every shortage area job should be available to every individual able to do that job anywhere. We are talking about the creation or integration of a world labour market. In this market the best person for the job world-wide would be the heir apparent to the role and their needs would dictate the wage which they are paid. We believe that Britain should be competing in an international labour market for its shortages from countries and regions which have a glut of young, untapped or underpaid talent. If we build a system in which people want to live work and stay then the talent would flow in. I think this is a better solution than scraping the proverbial pot bottom for local staff which has already been used up.

My name is Peter Campbell, reporting from Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited headquarters in Newham London, United Kingdom.

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