The power of the Humming Bird.

I will leave you in no doubt as to what I think true power really is and what it is not. True power is not that of the Lion or the Eagle or the Bear. All these animals are on the verge of extinction. True power is that of the Humming Bird. Why, you might ask? The Humming Bird is the only bird which can hover over its environment. In fact, it can fly backwards and in any other direction which it chooses. It feeds off the nectar of plants and most importantly, it has no natural enemies.  This bird has become my symbol of true power, the ability to hover above circumstances unaffected, the ability to go in whichever direction one chooses, self sufficiency plus zero ecological footprint and most importantly competing with and having malice with none. 

Is our Middle Class dwindling? 

Our Middle Class is not dwindling as one opinion columnist opined in The Gleaner. Our middle class simply lives above the economic and political influence of Jamaica Proper, Jamaica Proper being the area of land governed by the Jamaican Government and our elite. If you think about it rationally, all those who left Jamaica Proper still remain Jamaican and they remain to a large extent Middle-Classed. Being Jamaican Middle-Classed is not defined by your position relative to the Jamaican “elite”, who are simply caretakers along with the government of Jamaica Proper. Being Jamaican Middle-Classed is defined by first, being Jamaican by birth or by descent and second by an economic capability which is middling compared to the prevailing local conditions. Three million Jamaicans by birth or descent currently live in satellite colonies or “Diasporas” around the world.  This is a good thing because it means that like the Humming Bird they are hovering above Jamaica Proper and can make decisions about it without being influenced by hunger or fear.

The engine of any economy is its middle-class. I believe that our hovering Middle-Class has been underutilized because the caretakers of Jamaica Proper do not know how to appeal to its citizens except through hunger or fear. I will leave you in no doubt about what I think the solution is and how it will be implemented. 

Our multi-coloured middle class.

The Solution  

I am the solution and I will leave you in no doubt as to where I stand. In a mere five years I came up out of the primordial soup which is Jamaica Proper and I have armed myself with the economic weapons which will liberate others. I am now raising a standard behind which others newly freed will march. I have the formula for liberating more Jamaicans from Jamaica Proper and I have assembled a team of professionals to implement the strategy under my leadership.  The strategy will not only employ our professional classes from Jamaica in higher paying roles it will necessitate a rise in local wages and reinvestment in growth areas of Jamaica and the wider Commonwealth by our citizens. Our Middle Class will fund the profitable investment in local education which will liberate more of us to the heights of metropolis life. Soon [within ten years] we will reduce unemployment to less than 1% of the workforce and return control of Jamaica from our local Caretaker-Class to our international Middle-Class.


Our ultimate goal is the creation of a Jamaican welfare state and a wider Caribbean Economic Empire which takes care of all its citizens and mobilizes each of them to defend our position in the global economy.   These are the general outlines of my vision for my people in Jamaica and the Caribbean and I hope that gradually you will each stand with me. My name is Peter Campbell, reporting from Company Headquarters here in London, seek and you shall find.