After reading a dense article about investing to achieve an impact in society I decided to investigate the problems and situations arising from the African-Caribbean experience of settling in Britain. My objective was to gain a better understanding of how I could make an impact in a transnational community such as that of the first, second and third generation Caribbean Nationals living in the UK. Ostensibly my impact would be Social Singularity, a term I coined from a superficial understanding of technological singularity applied in a social scenario. Technological Singularity being a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence, human biological enhancement, or brain-computer interfaces will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature. Therefore my idea of social singularity is the point at which governmental organizations, social institutions and individuals come together as one greater that human intelligence to use the world and harness its natural and social energies as one unit enabling us to focus our energies and reduce the impact of an aging population, reach out to other worlds and populate the moon among other things. I look at globalization, the United Nations and economic groupings such as the EU, AU and NAFTA as all expressions of the world moving towards Social Singularity. I happened upon the term Transnationalism as a title to an article about Caribbean Nationals living in the UK and I decided to add the term Transnationalism to the list of isms which express the world’s movement towards Social Singularity.

Transnationalism, according to Wikipedia, is a social phenomenon and scholarly research agenda grown out of the heightened interconnectivity between people and the receding economic and social significance of boundaries among nation states. The term was popularized in the early 20th century by writer Randolph Bourne to describe “a new way of thinking about relationships between cultures”. However, the term itself was coined by a colleague in college. Transnationalism as an economic process involves the global reorganization of the production process, in which various stages of the production of any product can occur in various countries, typically with the aim of minimizing costs. How could I make an impact in a transnational community such as that of the first, second and third generation Caribbean Nationals living in the UK?

I began to brainstorm and I came up with the following ideas:

1)      Put the characteristics of the community at its own disposal as a whole and at the disposal of the wider British society.

What are these characteristics, I have ideas, but it is up to the community to decide. The only way that the community can decide is if it has a forum which transcends geographic barriers where persons from different strata of the community and different geographic locations can meet-up and discuss how to make an impact on behalf of their community.

2)      Providing new leadership and role models for the community through the migration and success of highly gifted, educated and trained shortage area workers.  

 This would not happen by chance and is a reason why Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited exists i.e. to promote ethnic diversity at all levels of society through the advancement of individuals economically socially and culturally.

3)      Providing a technological resource which allocates jobs to new arrivals and encourages new arrivals to the community to make it better.

What would my personal impact be?

My personal impact will be providing the technological machinery for transnational communities to achieve social singularity. These communities will then define their strengths and place itself at the disposal of the wider community while organically building its leadership base from among the socially, economically and culturally successful. The outcome would be that through new social media the world would have edged a little closer towards social singularity.

My name is Peter Campbell and I am investing in social change.

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