​Dear teachers,

​I speak here to you as individual professionals and collectively as people who hold social power and capital within our proud and free island of Jamaica. I come to you as a fellow Jamaican who has ascended to a position of financial power within another island state, the United Kingdom. From that position of power and with respect for your power and adjoining responsibilities I come to you with an offer which needs to be made to ten individuals initially, Mathematics Teachers, and the best and brightest teachers that Jamaica has to offer over the long term. 

​The offer

​I am offering an all expense paid relocation to the United Kingdom to teach Mathematics for ten teachers who:

  1. Have sufficient years experience; with proven results,
  2. Have qualifications verified and accredited through NARIC,
  3. Have good reputation within their school and community
  4. Have psychological fortitude to withstand relocation to a new environment as proven through our psychometric tests.  

This relocation will be for you and your spouse as well as any child dependents you may have. You will undertake to teach under contract for five years at the end of which you may choose to stay in the UK or return to Jamaica. Based on my calculations which in turn rest on the budget we would agree to of what life would cost in the UK and the contract we would have negotiated on your behalf with individual schools we know that at the end of five years both you and your spouse would have accumulated a savings of £66,000 which is equivalent to JA$11.8 million at current exchange rates. If you choose to stay in the UK for an additional five years you would accumulate an additional £136,200 or JA$24.4 million at current exchange rates. Upon the successful completion of three years of teaching in the UK my company would gift you a car which we would have enabled you to use from year one. This progress in your profession and the enjoyment for you and your family of the standard of living that the UK has to offer is the extent of my offer to you.

Moral considerations

​Jamaica will lose experienced teachers over time but unlike any other recruitment organization in the UK we are committing publicly to financing the replacement of the teachers we take with younger teachers who will be pulled up into the work force and who will need assistance to get on their feet.  We are not operating covertly within Jamaica, stealing away teachers in the night. We understand that while each teacher is free to come and go as they please the social contract inherent to their position must be respected and cultivated. That is why in addition to investing in individual young teachers we will be investing in the teaching system as a whole to improve the respectability of Jamaican and Caribbean teachers within the UK system.
This is not just lip service on the internet. I, Peter Campbell, have made representation to both the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education on one side as well as the Jamaica Teachers’ Association President on the side of teachers as a whole. I have proposed that in return for legal recognition on the island by the Jamaican Government as an Overseas Employment Agency we would reinvest a portion of our revenue into young teachers getting on the job and property ladder as well as directly investing in education institutions on the island. So far the technocrats and decision makers within government have been unresponsive to the changing realities of globalization within the west. Democracy in action requires that you, the individual teacher, raise the pertinent issue of overseas opportunities to your JTA and The Government of Jamaica. 


If each teacher strives in teaching to be the best teacher of all in order to be relocated to the United Kingdom then even if we lose one out of every ten teachers the increase in collective effort towards better standards and the investment in the system as a whole that we would encourage would outweigh the loss.  I call on all well-thinking teachers in Jamaica to bring your power to bear on your government in this matter; and in your day to day duties consider my offer of relocation and financial reward as a worthy motivator for you and your family. The world is ours, if only we should want it.

​Seek and you shall find.