Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron

CEAC Global Ltd CEO Peter Campbell
Hello Mr. Cameron. My name is Peter Campbell. I have traveled across an ocean to reunite with the British people.  I have lived amongst you for the past six years learning about the country, finding myself and a suitable cause to align with. I believe I have found such a cause which is no greater within its realm than the basic interests of the British People.

The basic interests of the British People are like those of any other state or individual. Abraham Maslow described the hierarchy of needs as “physiological”, “safety”, “belongingness” and “love”, “esteem”, “self-actualization”, and “self-transcendence”. I will not try to school you in his words; you are a man of letters and I am sure you have studied these things in your own prestigious education.

I admit, I disagreed with many of the things you said in your speech which I have honestly attached in full for my readership to consider. But I will not launch into a point by point rebuttal since to be a reactionary to circumstances is the least of skills.

My solution

I acknowledge that the future rests with Millennial Youths, the next generation workforce. I do not contend, as you do, that the solution begins with apprenticeships. I believe that the solution begins in the classroom where the student learns the skills they need to be successful in life. The twin pillars of Mathematics and Languages are key to any student being attractive to an employer for even the most basic of apprenticeships. But alas, there is an official shortage of Mathematics Teachers and other key subject areas which students need to be useful in a producing economy.

I propose that we source the best mathematics, chemistry and physics teachers from around the world to train more students to an optimum rate in these subject areas. If we have enough teachers today then five years from now we may have enough young local engineers and teachers to declare that there is no longer a skills shortage. But I do not believe that you will solve the shortage of skills, which is one of the basic needs of the human being, by simply declaring that there is none.

My company is offering schools a free recruiting service which will source the best teachers from around the world on five year contracts to relocate to the UK to teach our youths. I believe that the best way to solve national problems is if we each, including you and including me, pool our skills and knowledge to confront the complex issues.

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Posted by Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Historic underpinnings

The reason I had to travel back to the United Kingdom was because through historic forces beyond all our control namely, the slave trade from West Africa to the West Indies, my family both Scottish and African were forced to serve the interests of the crown in a far off colony. History must be respected and all our brothers and sisters who have served the interest of the crown must be allowed to draw wealth from the source if it is their desire. They must be equipped with proper education in their home countries and resourced to make the move in a dignified and orderly manner so that Britain, as the centre of the English speaking world, will continue to be a source of wealth for generations to come. We must remember that though today we still need sugar there exists international systems in place to provide Britain with sugar and other resources without exploiting those who provide it. We should strive to build these systems not just for sugar and oil but for labour shortfalls which our country cannot provide.



The British East India Company


Mr. Cameron you are not just the leader of the Conservative Party, or the ruling government of Britain, you are a member of the Security Council and a world leader. To defend narrow interests and exclude the majority of the British Family besmirches the great friendships we have built around the world through history. I encourage you to think “One Globe” in your solution to this immigration debate. You must think of the opportunities and initiative we will lose if through your actions you disengage us from the systems which are the seat of our power. The world is growing and changing and Britain must grow and change with it. To think otherwise is folly at worst and a waste of potential at best. Our ancestors sought out new worlds and now our cousins around the world are seeking us out. We must embrace them in the good faith with which they have reached out to us. Mr. Prime Minister seek and we shall find.

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