We hold the future in our hearts and as such the lost is not ours but theirs as they have missed an opportunity to contribute to something great. 

Hello, my name is Peter Campbell and I am the twenty-four year old Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited.  I have some bad news for those in the Commonwealth who are waiting for the gates of Britain to open. Newham Council, one of the poorer London boroughs with a high concentration of Immigrants,  declined to fund Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited with a £2000 grant from a fund for disabled entrepreneurs. The grant would have been used for essential training for senior staff learning about the government procurement process. The song by Lauren Hill comes to mind, “You might win some but you just lost one.”


The grant team gave what to me are semi-plausible explanations as to why they could not give the grant.  I have published the essence of their misgivings here as well as the rebuttal to their refusal.

Their specific concerns included:

·         the value for money issue relating to services to be provided by our agency to the client

·         the risk to reputation of the company around partially guaranteeing loans taken out by clients with overseas banks for set up costs and flights, and general financial risks relating to the loans for the lenders and individuals borrowing

·         the potential for a new and untested agency to be able to recruit for large organisations e.g. NHS


I fired from the hip by drafting a response within the hour of hearing about the rejection. My response represents a clear understanding of my business and business in general.  It goes as follows:  

Hello Lisa,

I am sorry that Newham does not believe in my vision enough to back it. New ideas tend to seem risky to those who have never traversed that path before. However I have faith that once I get to the other side all will realize that it was not that big a step after all.

I will now speak directly to the concerns which the panel raised.

Value for money The service that we provide can be broken down into five categories:

1)      Collective bargaining 

2)      Line of sight services 

3)      Up-to-date information 

4)      Life coaching

5)      Social connection and integration 

The aim of our Relocation Consultancy is to ensure that the immigration process from start to cycle restart has a positive impact on both the source and host nation. We believe that in twenty years people will think of and discuss immigration in totally different terms simply because we helped to organize it in such a way that many of the ills which host and source nations feel now would have been eliminated.  

This is a quote from our website www.CaribbeanEastAtlanticCompany.com.

Value Theory

Cost can be determined in three ways I suppose:

1)     How much are our competitors charging?

2)     How much does it cost to provide this service?

3)     What esteem does the customer place on the service being provided?

Answers to these questions are as follows

1)      We have no direct competitors and so within reason we can set our prices as we see fit

2)      The customer pays for all our set up and operational costs as well as the over eight thousand working hours of assistance they will be entitled to over the year of our consultancy from our Immigration Facilitator. The per hour rate that we would be working for each client works out to pence per hour.

3)      Customers agree that £5000 is a lot of money to them however they value the service enough to agree to pay for it. To make an example,  in one man’s opinion gold might just be a rock that is taken out of the earth with no practical use whatsoever but to another man it might be the most beautiful of metals.

Risk to reputation Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited as well as the hiring organization would make representation to an approved and reputable lending organization such as Scotia Bank or National Commercial Bank on behalf of the person being hired. The extent of our representation would only be to the facts that this person has a job from X company and is under the care of the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited for a year. These letters would add to the credibility of a personal loan to each client of about £4000. However our guarantee would only be an informal one which does not go beyond our actual role with the client and as such we would not be taking on any additional risk.


 We are new and we are untested. However these factors are not sufficient proof that we cannot do our job. They are only proof that you are subjectively unsatisfied that we will be able to deliver on a future promise.  Every new idea starts out as untested. It is up to brave people to take calculated risks based on other factors apart from direct president.  Our business plan states what we do on a day to day basis and details both our high value and low value routes towards securing jobs for our clients. All of these activities are doable on a day by day basis.

Our ability to win contracts would depend on us doing relevant training and receiving assistance from experienced Procurement Consultancies whom we have already identified. This part requires funding to actually mobilize staff in the initial stages.

We need funding to become experienced therefore saying that we need experience to gain funding seems from my point of view to be disingenuous.


I consider this email my appeal letter. I hope that there is some scope for us to work together. I hope that you will see from my above notes that your stated grounds for dismissal are faulty at best. I respect your view, however I would ask you to state more grounded views for rejection or fund the business idea.

Kind regards,

Peter Campbell

Managing Director

Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited

Company Number: 08777678

Website: www.CaribbeanEastAtlanticCompany.com

Super conclusion

 I hope that the reader in the Caribbean and the Commonwealth does not lose heart about their prospects of a new better life in the United Kingdom. Newham Council was the smallest lender being tapped and much more able lenders wait in the wings with much larger pots of money. We are determined to make a contribution to the world and we are certain that there are other like minded people with capital out there who will fund us. We will find them. We hold the future in our hearts and as such the lost is not ours but theirs as they have missed an opportunity to contribute to something great.

My name is Peter Campbell, head of the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited, making stepping stones from stumbling blocks.