In these times of uncertainty for many now more than ever we need symbols of hope. Global Jobs Direct represents one such symbol. It represents standing together not because we need others but because others need us.

It is now well known that the UK suffers from a dire shortage of skills which affects the poor first and worst. It is also well known that agencies profit from this situation without having the means or the will to solve it. People are being driven out of critical industries here because of avarice for profits placed above the common good. We will change this. I believe that we now have the means to change this. In an information age knowledge is power and our system will place this power at the disposal of all peoples so that they can each knowingly take their individual place in the workforce, represent their personal value and build their wealth on the ground which they stand. A global perspective enables this and is what CEAC stands for.

If you are a Chef, an Engineer, a Teacher, Social Worker or Medical Staff living inside or outside the UK this country needs you. Sign up with us and stop searching for work. Let it search for you. If enough of us signed up and stopped searching then the masters of industry would have no choice but to come to the table.

If you are not in one of these professions, take heart. Our goal is global and your skills are in shortage somewhere. Keep watching this space because if we all stand together and seek together we will find together.