Investing in Jamaica is not for the faint of heart but pioneering investors are blazing a trail and making a difference in ordinary people’s lives. That’s the word on the ground from Maureen Smith and Liz Oldershaw, business women who work in partnership with the third largest English Speaking country in the western hemisphere.

According to Mrs. Smith who runs Tropical Solutions, a British hand holding business for people who want to buy land in Jamaica, governmental inefficiency, the high cost of doing business, corruption and a high concentration of crime are all serious barriers towards doing business in Jamaica. It doesn’t help that land taxes in Jamaica have been increased over the past ten years, training of estate agents is below the UK expectation and the cost of private sector services are geared towards a quick buck over long term business. But the picture is not all negative as Elizabeth “Liz” Oldershaw, who owns and operates TPS Holding Group Limited, paints a picture of Jamaica as an island of two point seven million souls which has been good to her family business which has been operating there for the last forty-five years. “The Windrush Generation,[Jamaicans who came to Britain in the 1950s] who are now returning to Jamaica would scarcely recognize their home country with the investments which have been made in infrastructure, particularly highways.” Says Ms. Oldershaw.

According to JAMPRO which represents the Jamaican Government abroad, Jamaica’s strategic location has aided Jamaica’s emergence as a regional hub for trade and an important investment destination for major transnational corporations (TNCs). This position will continue to grow with the expansion of the Panama Canal and the doubling of the country’s ports current capacity by the year 2015

Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited, a fledgling British Caribbean labour organization, believes that order must always be imposed on chaos and there is rarely a problem which does not have a profitable solution. Inefficiency and crime, symptoms of the disorder which is our common enemy presents an opportunity for investors and professionals of UK origin in those fields of expertise to shine in an emerging market which has a stable democracy. Estate Agency, Security Services and Outsourcing solutions are all lucrative business opportunities which would not only produce a return on investment but would create jobs and development for the island. Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited and its partner business Caribbean East Atlantic Consultancy (Jamaica) can provide the knowledge and representation on the ground for small to medium sized businesses and professionals looking to do good work in Jamaica.

 Revolution has many faces and it seems that economic change for the better will come to Jamaica through outside investors willing to act as pioneers.