King George III (Proposed that China open up more trading posts with English Merchants)


The Xenophobic Emperor Qianlong refuses.

Hello everyone. My name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. Today I would like to speak to the Commonwealth as a whole about immigration. Many right wing extremists in Britain would have us believe that Britain is under “attack” by foreigners.  Among their arguments are that the nation cannot carry so many extra people. They [Immigrants] are sucking the life blood of the country.  Speaking from the left wing I would like to say that they are right.

The empire [Britain] is besieged by smaller nations who grow in strength every day. They start out as tributary states sending wealth, in this case, in the form of skilled people. [I will now predict the future.] They then organized themselves into factions and send delegations to the imperial government. They are rebuffed and in the next half a century gather strength and enforce their demands at gun point on an empire which would have inevitably grown weak and tired.

I am surprised that anyone who went to school in Briton and learnt about their own country’s exploits against the Chinese state would not be able to predict this future. The Chinese state started out, at the time, as the culturally more advanced state [than Europe.] It was besieged by “immigrants” from Europe who came to trade.  The Chinese Emperor of the day Emperor Qianlong rebuffed King George III by saying [this is a condensation] “We possess all things. I set no value on objects strange or ingenious, and have no use for your country’s manufactures.” With this superior tone he said that European Immigrants were not welcome.

Emperor Qianlong’s rebuff and the British people’s rebuff today are flawed. It is flawed because it does not acknowledge that merchants or immigrants were coming to their state because other states were becoming more powerful relative to their own.  With this growing power the outside world cannot be ignored or shut away in one corner of the empire as the Qianlong Emperor did with the merchants. By putting caps on immigration the Conservative government is saying, as did Emperor Qianlong, “We possess all things. I set no value on people strange or ingenious, and have no use for your country’s professionals.” This is not true. You do not possess all things.

We as a British Empire must guard against becoming isolationist like Ming China. The world is growing and where as we are a world of seven billion people now in twenty years we will be nine billion. This extra two billion people will need leadership and a place in the world society. A survey website recently said “People in Britain are more likely than the people of other nations to view immigration negatively – to see immigration as a problem rather than an opportunity, and to view the immigrant population as already too large.” However, contrary to what the British people and its right wing believe, the siege of Britain can only be lifted by a reinforcement of immigrant assistance. Britain needs more engineers from around the world to help build the nation, teachers to teach the children, nurses to care for the sick and social workers to care for the institution of the family. Britain as a nation is not producing enough of these skilled people to keep pace with its social and economic change. We are not producing enough of these people to support those lesser skilled people whom we are bound by international or European treaty to accept.  Without immigration from the Commonwealth of skilled English speaking people, who come to do what they were trained for and who, with help, can integrate seamlessly into British society, then Britain will see an inevitable decline and it will be surpassed by other world empires.

The siege of Britain is simply the contact of an empire with the wider world. In order to remain an empire it must absorb all viewpoints and represent them proportionately. To the people of Britain I say that the only way that “bad immigration” from Europe and refugees will be mitigated is through “good immigration” from the Commonwealth. To my Commonwealth brothers and sisters I say that this is something to be immensely proud of.  

My name is Peter Campbell and I am a proud citizen of Britain and the Commonwealth.