Russell Brand (Comedian and World Leader?)

I often wonder; am I a visionary or the village idiot, the Philosopher King of Plato’s The Republic or the Emperor with no clothes? This may be a false dichotomy, I might be neither. But the truth is I aspire to be one and fear that I might be the other.  I will be the first to admit that as a twenty-five year old I am governed by hubris. This is my claim to fame and as time goes by and I get older I will have to find a new claim to fame. But I try not to deny what I obviously am. I saw a review of Russell Brand’s Revolution where he was derided as an ignorant fool and I said to myself, “There but for grace goes I.”

I have not read Russell Brand’s work, and I probably will never, I am more interested in the scenario which this review of him presents. Here we have a recovered alcohol and drug addict claiming to have achieved enlightenment and is now using the medium at his disposal to tout a counter culture which according to David Sexton includes, refusing to: vote, pay taxes or honour debt.  His call to arms is that we should join him and do away with life as it is and make way for a new age where we all live for [insert high-minded ideal here].

I saw myself in him and he in me as any enlightened being would and I wondered if my audience had a similar reaction to me as David Sexton did to him.  If you have followed my blogs from the beginning, ideas I have advocated for include:

1)      A Caribbean Empire

2)      “Social Singularity” [One world government]  

3)      Worldwide Freedom of movement [You personally picking yourself up and moving to London]

The societal reaction is that the “left”, which he seems to be in favour of, display embarrassment to call him one of their own and the political “right” seize the opportunity to deride him and the left which he seems, in their eyes, to epitomize. The centrists seek to normalize him and say that he falls somewhere on the spectrum of the debate which we are already having. And in the end everyone seems to see him not as he is but as they each are.  Russell Brand, the enlightened sage, would be the mirror; the contorted figure which we see in front of us is simply ourselves. 


The thought processes produced by enlightenment are hard to explain or to replicate in others and there are many reasons for this. I can relate to you what the colour blue is because you have experienced it and corroborated it with others at some time. With enlightenment in its various incarnations the points of reference have to be established from things which are unfamiliar to the unenlightened.      [Unenlightened simply meaning those who have not gone through the same experience.] Who is to say that what Russell Brand is trying to communicate to us is something which he feels within himself and which is not less and probably more valid than what anyone else has experienced to date? He might have experienced something similar to the awakening of the first Buddha but due to his own personality, educational limitations and the logistical feat of explaining the totally unfamiliar, he might come across as a desert dweller would if he had to describe his experience of snow to his countrymen upon return. 

The author David Sexton calls on us all to deride Russell Brand for his ignorance but this I believe is intellectually unfair. Enlightenment is not a state of knowing everything. Enlightenment is a state of being that transcends the society in its present incarnation.  By this definition, which is borne out by those who have ever been given the title, knowledge of everything or even most things is not the yardstick of enlightenment. By this definition an uneducated fool could be as enlightened as a learned prince.

My point

My point is that in my journeys I have felt things which it would be hard to explain to you. I choose instead to focus on the course of action which it has spurred me to take. Maybe if you followed in my footsteps and recreated my journey we would have points of reference from which to share a common reality. After writing at length I believe I could be both the Philosopher King and The Village Idiot. It all depends on how you choose to use the story I am presenting to you. If my journey inspires you to ponder and then act then I would have been a king to you. If you laugh at the story I have presented then I am no more than a village idiot. Whether I am King or Fool to you does not diminish my sleep at night; but has the ability to elevate or lower you. For this reason I believe that, in his enlightenment, Russell Brand is as fit as any to lead the revolution which this world so direly needs. 

My name is Peter Campbell and I hope my humor finds you well.