Hello, my name is Peter Campbell and while I am no historian I would like to talk about history today. I was told that civilisation started around five thousand years ago. I was also told that the world was created six thousand years ago in six days, the maker of the world rested on the seventh day. A lot of science has gone into debunking the second thing that I was told with carbon dating and fossil history etcetera but we still accept that civilized man, defined as man writing and thinking and doing great things started only five thousand years ago.

So we evolved from apes and then five thousand years ago we emerged from caves and built the pyramids of Egypt. Of what I know from observing the functioning of a great society I can adduce that it would take a greater level of organization than what we understand as “cavemanship” to produce the works of Egypt. If we can eliminate the impossible; that cave dwelling Neanderthals or aliens created the pyramids then we are left with the conclusion that Egyptians, “modern men”, created these buildings five thousand years ago.  The pyramids do not mark the start of civilization but an inevitable continuation of what must have been the result of many generations of accumulated work.

We are told lots of other things, that the age of enlightenment and scientific inquiry started in the seventeenth century and Europeans discovered the western hemisphere. All of these things can be shown to be patently false. But I’ll resist the urge to tear down the society that I now find myself in because that, it seems, is how we got ourselves into this predicament in the first place. I think that the recent conquerors of the world [Europeans] could not stand that they could see in the eyes of their conquered vassals a level of civilization which they could only at the moment aspire towards. We should bear in mind that it is the action of a lesser man to burn the books of another culture then put about the rumour that they could never read, or think. 

So what of it? 

You might be wondering why I am ranting about history and what this has to do with our current concern. Well, the accomplishments of the past can point us towards what we are capable of in the future. That is my point. We are capable of doing great things, and forgetting that we did great things. We are capable of uniting the world and exploring new frontiers. If we can learn to challenge the bounds of the social society we are born in maybe we can learn to challenge the bounds of the physical world in which we live.  

How do we start? 

It is said that the one who is unaware of his ignorance is a fool and should be shunned. Let us commit to the fact that there is a lot about our world and ourselves that we do not yet know. There is a lot of knowledge about our past which needs to be sought out. Let us commit to shunning the propaganda of those who claim that this or that culture is not worthy of respect and admiration. And in our conquest of the world let us commit to honouring those whom we defeat and preserving their legacy for our own and the collective good.


My name is Peter Campbell, seek and you shall find.