Peter Campbell


Adenike Sijuwade (Company Secretary)

Hello. My name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. We operate officially in the United Kingdom under the company number 08777678. We are a Recruitment and Relocation Consultancy. We are a new company which officially set up in November of 2013. We intend to recruit people from the Commonwealth and particularly the Caribbean for shortage areas of British Industry such as Engineering, Teaching, Nursing and Social Work. It is our intention to establish a model for sustainable recruitment and immigration which benefits both the source and host countries.

In this post I would like to introduce my Company Secretary who is the other half of my management team. Adenike Sijuwade is the Company Secretary of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. She has so far shown a favourable disposition towards doing the behind the scenes work which is necessary to get the business fully operational. Adenike was recruited after an extensive interview process and reflects my company’s commitment to hiring women, minorities and other groups of qualified individuals who may be overlooked through systemic institutional discrimination. Ms. Sijuwade is a trained lawyer who has practiced in Nigeria and has a commendable work record both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.  This is what she has to say about herself:

‘‘Throughout my diverse leadership-driven career as a lawyer, I have proven my ability to deliver measurable results.  I have acquired the knowledge and professional expertise in various aspects of law, particularly as it relates to business. I have been involved with looking and advising on many areas of law and customer related issues.

As an accomplished lawyer with a global personal and professional background, I am well positioned to be a vital component to Caribbean East Atlantic Company towards building productive relationships with, executives, officials and clients.

Throughout my career, I have continuously demonstrated my abilities as a quick learner, a good team player and the ability to continuously multi-task while ensuring the common goals and objectives of the organization are met. Additionally, I have an excellent grasp of mentoring, sound decision- making skills, integrity, zest for challenge and outstanding negotiating abilities.

Caribbean East Atlantic Company will gain from my solid track record in team work and advocacy. I have constantly deployed my ability to monitor cutting-edge trends and recommend improvements and I have been called upon to use my operational skills to scrutinize organizational and clients’ needs

Adenike has experience in being Company Secretary for other organizations. Her experience helps to temper my more youthful hubris. We are an effective team and while I lead the organization she does not feel hampered in making her voice heard.

Her experience in company law helps us with corporate governance and inter-business relations. I envision that issues related to company and employment law will come up as well as immigration issues and it is good to know that we have someone on board in-house who is trained to give advice on these issues.

In the midterm Adenike will be providing auxiliary support in our representation to funding organizations. As a business we expect to use our funding to drive contract winning from public and private sector entities so that we can then place qualified overseas staff in shortage areas of British Industry.

We are looking forward to 2014 which will be a year of aggressive expansion into shortage fields and it will be an exciting time for those who have worked for years in Commonwealth jobs and are now due a pay rise.

On behalf of the Management Team I would like to wish our followers around the world a happy holiday season and we look forward to serving your interests in the New Year.