“Christ feed the multitude with only one loaf of bread. Poor people there is something for you. Don’t let the pressures of the system get upon your head. Poor people there is something for you.” Damian Marley. 


I come to you not as a man who is of means, except the means to survive.  And I have the will to survive for at least the next twenty years, and all things being equal, what I am about to tell you will come to pass.

Over the past two years I have researched the solutions to official shortages in Engineering, Teaching, Medical and Social Work within the United Kingdom.

My solution, simply stated is that more people of skills and means are needed to support our society by ploughing in their time, effort, wealth and wisdom into the country so that it may stay afloat.

The details of this plan can be deciphered from my many saying which I have approached you with.

I will not go into detail with them here. They are for me to know and for you to follow me in their implementation. What I will do next I lay bare here since as a Social Enterprise I am honour bound to be transparent as to my actions and their effects on the societies I serve. 

The “CEAC Global Banking Consortium” 

Over the next two hundred days I will be proposing to every bank in the world the chance to join my consortium. Membership in this consortium will be secret and only the good works of this group and my words to you today will be proof of its existence. As with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I will throw down the gauntlet to the first three banks publicly. Whether they take up the challenge will not be a public affair. We will all simply watch for the out working of good deeds and we will know that at least five percent of all our banks took up the chance to join “The Consortium”. Feel free to nominate your bank to join The Consortium. They will be approached and if you benefit from the ten year manifesto of CEAC Global Ltd then you can rest assured that your voice helped your personal cause.

We will know that at least some of our banks acted shrewdly because I will act within my own capability over the next two hundred days. I will facilitate the relocation of one hundred people into the United Kingdom through legal means to take up Official Shortage Area jobs through loans and practical assistance provided by this secret consortium. The deal I would have struck with each of these individuals would be that they would work, pay off their loan(s) and save their money in approved pension pots over the course of five years. Based on the income of a family of three at the level of income earned by an Official Shortage Area Worker paired with an unskilled working spouse I know as a fact that over the course of five years a relocation loan can be repaid, a car loan can be paid off, a savings of eighty-five thousand pounds can be accrued and a comfortable life can be lived. With the help of my company all of this is possible to a family of three and even one hundred families of three.    

 With the help of five percent of the world’s banks my company has the capacity to assist the next aspiring five percent of the world to move to the place where their skills are most needed in order to make a life for them and their families. 

The Social Catch

There is a catch to my proposition however, and this is the reason why I am proposing this idea to our local banks and our government.  The catch is this:

If our banks and our government assist people from around the world to come into our country to take up Official Shortage Area Jobs then our country will prosper for many reasons. If our banks and our government do not assist people from around the world to take up job offers and I find banks from around the world who will venture the risk then our country will benefit initially. However, it will become apparent in four years that this was to our ultimate detriment as the flow of capital will return outwards to these banks and we will be indebted to foreign labour and capital which could be moved en-mass at any time.  If there are not enough banks to hazard the risk of investing in the labour that we direly need then that will be proof enough that our long term prospects are bleak. At this point only the first two options are practical to consider. A consortium of banks will be raised, whether they are local or foreign is yet to be seen. 


I am hereby challenging my own bank Barclays PLC to join The Consortium which will secure the Great British Recovery.  I also challenge the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) to join The Consortium as well as The Lloyds Banking Group.  These are the most powerful banks in the UK and if they will it, it will be so. Direly needed expertise trapped in poverty and British Businesses who need them but who languishing between political extremes will be liberated to productive work. All groups within the United Kingdom will benefit immensely from the work of our coalition.

I begin my work today May 1st [2015] to approach every bank in the world with this offer. Your reading this is proof that I have begun. Nominate your bank wherever you are in the world and my company will approach them.

My name is Peter Campbell, reporting from London HQ of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited, if you have read this message, seek and you shall find.