Norman Manley and Alexander Bustamante had a dream for Jamaica. This dream was universal adult suffrage. It was a grand design at the time but now Jamaicans take for granted the right to mark an ex once every five years. Our basic needs have expanded beyond merely having our voices heard by our own politicians instead of by a far away Queen. The C.E.A.C. has a grand design for Jamaica and the Caribbean which may seem grand now but fifty years from now Jamaicans will have new dreams and they will take our struggle and success for granted. 

The C.E.A.C’s dream is an expansion and upgrade to Norman Manley’s vision of a federated Caribbean. The dream is of a Caribbean Empire of first world Caribbean states. The vision includes the very powerful Expatriate Caribbean Community which has been largely marginalized by its geographic and political separation from the Caribbean territory. This dream is grounded in reality and a step by step process of seeing it through. First we will organize the Expatriate Caribbean Community under educated leadership so that it maintains and expands itself while creating wealth for individuals and the group within its host countries in the developed world. We will then lobby for rights and responsibilities within the Caribbean homeland while we lobby for the support and investment of our host countries to our Caribbean homeland. Once the Expatriate Community and the C.E.A.C is wealthy and powerful by first world standards and securely straddles the Atlantic Ocean we will set up think tanks to research, organize and implement the political union of the Caribbean under one leader and a congress of all voting areas.

What separates an empire from a mere country or community of countries? The answer is at once both simple and complex. The answer is power, respect, soft and hard influence and as the world becomes more modern economic prestige. In an empire, for example, its leaders cannot be deposed by outside forces without real and significant consequences. An empire has equal relationships with other empires and its nationals are allowed to travel between friendly empires as they choose. There are other differences between the weak and the strong but this is not the forum to go into that.

The purpose of this forum is to share with you a dream. This is not just a dream for us but a dream for our children. It is a dream that they will live in a better world where as individuals and as a group they are recognized as equals among their peers. What can you do as a Caribbean National? Lobby your government to publicly or privately support the aims of the C.E.A.C. in whatever way they can.