Social Enterprise

Founding CEAC was one part of a larger goal: to solve the most fundamental problems we face as human beings.

I started with finding people employment because I believe economic success is the foundation for all other social progress. If someone can’t afford to have food in their belly and a roof over their head, how can they think of ways to improve their society?

Simply by allowing people to find work abroad, I am already contributing to the economy of their home land as they will be able to send money back to their families or return with valuable skills and experience.

But while finding overseas employment solved one problem, it created another: brain drain. Though it’s undoubtedly a blessing for my clients to be able to find opportunity abroad, their relocation deprives their home country of a skilled professional. 

To compensate the home country, a portion of CEAC’s profits go towards development schemes for education, health, technology, infrastructure and more. It’s only when the most basic elements of society are in place that it’s able to advance to the next level.

The goal is to one day no longer have to move professionals from the Caribbean to the UK; instead, I want their home countries to provide everything they need to fulfil the lives of themselves and their families.

That’s why I plan to expand CEAC beyond the Caribbean and the UK to as many territories as possible, creating a global network of wealth redistribution that’s beneficial to both the host and the donor of my clients.

Let’s work for a balanced world.


Peter Campbell

Managing Director

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