I went to the Skills London 2013 job fair on the 23rd of November 2013 on behalf of every young person 16-24 in the Commonwealth. I had a great feeling within myself because as a representative of so many educated and aspiring young people I was probably the most qualified and marketable person at the fair. However I wasn’t there to find a job for myself. I was there to report to you about the opportunities which are available to you in the United Kingdom.

My first stop was at the Royal Air Force where I was wearing the hat of potential engineer. There is a HUGE shortage of engineers of all types in the UK. I spoke with a variety of employers who offer sponsorships for Commonwealth citizens. If you have a degree in engineering then the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited would love to assist you in making that leap into a future prosperous life in the UK. We will be making links directly with employers in the next couple of weeks and we will be making stops at the major universities in the Caribbean to market what we do to institutions and students.

Here is a short list of engineering employers email addresses and websites who are looking for aspiring engineers to come and work for them. You are welcome to send your CV to them directly or get in touch with us for formal representation which is covered in our consultancy package.







My next stop was in the world of Banking and Finance. I spoke with a representative of RBS Royal Bank of Scotland)  who said that if you had a degree with a “two-one” or first and loved a challenging fast paced work environment then this could be the field for you. Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited will be making links with businesses in the banking sector to shift graduates from the Caribbean and the wider Commonwealth into jobs. We also made links with businesses such as IBM, Heathrow Airport, a surveying company called RICS, Barclays and the British Secret Service.

If you wish to have a discussion about working with one of these companies then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Rosa Lee Wood who is our Caribbean First Contact Officer in charge of Jamaica. We would like to see Commonwealth Citizens especially from the Caribbean make strides in shortage areas of British industry.

My next stop was at the booth of the National Apprenticeship Service. This service helps place young British residents into work and education. As an employer I think that training young people is a good way of gaining committed staff. Once we’ve set up office space in Stratford in the next three months I will be taking on three to five apprentices. This is one way that the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is showing its commitment to the employment of young people and the wider economic recovery of Britain.

One of my middle stops was at a set of booths which will be of interest to working class first and second generation Caribbean and Commonwealth immigrants who want their children to get into a better life and a better quality of work than they had a chance to get into. There were many colleges and learning providers who had work and study opportunities which give young people between the ages of 16-19 the chance to earn a living while getting an education.

The following are a couple of areas which I think are promising.



www.kaplanapprenticeships.co.uk (Accounting Placements)

www.thetrainingplace.org (Business and Administration)

www.next.co.uk/careers (Retail jobs)

www.newham.gov.uk/yes (Council jobs)

www.skillsforcare.org.uk/apprenticeships (Adult Care Jobs)

www.accesstomusic.ac.uk (Music Placements for creative young people)

By the time the event finished at four in the afternoon I was inspired that the UK economy was on its way to recovery. Young people are being offered jobs and there are opportunities out there for the ambitious.

My name is Peter Campbell and I am the twenty-four year old Managing Director of the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited; reporting from London United Kingdom where the recovery is in full swing.