The shortage of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers in the United Kingdom has serious and far reaching implications for the future of the country as a leading developed nation. Not having enough STEM subject teachers means that the next generation of workers will not have an aptitude for hard skills areas such as engineering, science, technology and mathematics areas of work. We are already experiencing the effects of these shortages as our UK schools altogether produce only 90% of the STEM graduates needed each year to maintain the economic recovery of Great Britain over the next twenty years. This problem can be solved, but it won’t be done by conventional methods. I will hereafter outline what it will take to solve the official shortage of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers for the entire country using the jobs available through the Times Educational Supplement as an example. 

Jobs available through TES Connect 

TES Connect is currently advertising seven hundred and forty two vacancies in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics combined (Official Shortage Areas). It would take a Human Resource Consultancy with a far reaching vision to globally find, scientifically select, personally manage and strategically retain seven hundred and forty two teachers. It would also require a Relocation Consultancy to take on the task of relocating seven hundred and forty two people and their families to a home within commuting distance of the work site and integrate them into the surrounding community. If you think about it you will realize what a tall order this is. 

How we help (Recruitment) 

Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited, is both a Human Resource and Relocation Consultancy which specializes in the problem of Official Shortages and has the capability to propose and implement solutions. The Human Resource side of the problem will require the following things:

1)      An international  above and below the line ad campaign

2)      A scientific selection system integrated into a social hub for expatriates

3)      A team of HR Managers to give guidance and assistance to every teacher in the small and great

4)      Retention consultancy geared towards ensuring that these people are comfortable and productive within their roles and are therefore likely to stay in them

A conservative estimate as to the cost of implementing the above with the aim of finding the best seven hundred and forty-two Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers in the world and convincing them to come to the United Kingdom for individual job vacancies is £100,000.00. These teachers would be placed in permanent jobs and since our company does not act within the “agency” business model we would charge the schools £0 for placing these seven hundred and forty two teachers and the charge to the teacher for receiving this job would also be £0. 

How we help (Relocation) 

There are still considerations to be made for the relocation of these individual Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers. The best Mathematics teacher in the world for example, might not have the financial and social capabilities to relocate to the United Kingdom with their family on their own. Once they are here, they may not enjoy the experience because the finer details of their relocation and integration are outside of their time resource to manage and develop. Briefly stated the relocation of seven hundred and forty two highly qualified, experienced and successful Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers will take the following things:

1)      A consortium of banks willing to lend £11.25 million in total to overseas teachers to relocate to the UK.

2)      A group of law firms with the additional capacity to handle seven hundred and forty two Tier 2 applications with dependents in a timely fashion.

3)      A digitized system to track the progress and wellbeing of all the expatriates on behalf of the lenders.

4)      A team of people dedicated to the planning and management of the social integration of these seven hundred and forty two and their families for the best outcome for the individuals and the wider community.

This is a tall order, but Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited has spent the past year and nine months researching the problems surrounding this solution and gathering the team necessary to effect it. 

Conclusion (Transparency in business) 

It does our company a world of good to tell you exactly how we operate. Our partners and potential partners can see that we are not making money from smoke and mirrors or common exploitation. We all have a genuine problem as a country and Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited and our partners are proposing a genuine solution.  Please use the comments section to tell us how you feel about our business model and the work that we are doing.

My name is Peter Campbell reporting from company headquarters, urging you to in all things seek and you shall find.