Portia Simpson-Miller Jamaican PM (Left) David Cameron British PM (Right)

​My Prime Minister on my Mother’s side, David Cameron, said to my Prime Minister on my Father’s side, Portia Simpson Miller, that he would give £25 million for the building of a new prison and another £300 million for infrastructure development of the Caribbean region.  They also had a very public spat about reparations for slavery. The two issues are not unconnected and while I could be petty in commenting on the issues I will try to, as usual, transcend the divide and straddle the Atlantic Ocean with my feet in each island state.

Reparations will be paid.

​On the historical issue of Reparations for Slavery I will say and do what David Cameron as a politician cannot. “Reparations will be paid”. They will be paid by each and every Jamaican and Caribbean National touched by slavery being given access to Europe, the richest continent in the world, so that they can collect through their own endeavour and industry the amount which they feel is due to them  for their ancestor’s suffering. This method of repayment will be extended to Repatriation of people and wealth, who wish to, back to the African Motherland to heal the historic damage caused to the political and economic systems of Africa by the slave trade and broader Colonialism.   

​Development is inevitable. 

​Development is inevitable when we as individuals decree it firmly and boldly in our own lives.  That is why I am using my voice and strategic position within the British System to decree progress for Jamaica.  This goes beyond mere words however words crafted well can be stronger than the strongest man and so they are a good start. Three projects have now been tabled by Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited to the relevant Jamaican Government Ministries which will facilitate the uplifting of individuals, groups and systems within Jamaica.

​CEAC [Seek] Global Relocation 

​CEAC Global Relocation is a project to promote the best and brightest in the fields of Teaching, Social Work, Engineering and Medical Professions up into the British System and support Caribbean and Commonwealth Systems to produce more of their best and brightest for the British System. Our company will take the lead by directly reinvesting £800 into the Caribbean Education and Media system for every person we relocate to the UK. We will also collaborate with British Institutions such as The Engineering Council, The IET and NARIC to improve systems of education in the Caribbean so that our best and brightest are respected in the international labour market that they contribute to. CEAC Global Relocation will also work with local partners to pull young people up into the local labour market in the places left by older skilled persons who leave for the UK. 

CEAC Global Agriculture


Commercial Greenhouse


Commercial Greenhouse Interior

​Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is expanding into Agriculture. We have tabled a capacity building measure in the agricultural sector which includes the building of a £1.5 million Commercial Greenhouse as the first of five which will grow saplings for planting in Jamaica and the region.  Hundreds of thousands of these trees will be grown each year and provided through special loans to farmers who will be assisted to repay them through business services agreements which will market and sell their produce in bulk in Europe. CEAC Global Agriculture also has plans to site a factory in Jamaica which will process produce from tree crops into value added products for European Markets. All the tools and systems exist for us to raise £200 million in investment over the next five years for bolstering our work in moving Jamaica and the Caribbean up the value chain in agriculture. 

CEAC Beauty 

​Not everyone works in traditional professions or the productive sector. In fact most people work in providing services to others. That is why on the advice and direction of a recently relocated teacher we have decided to expand our development plans to the Beauty Industry in Jamaica with the planned opening of a chain of Beauty Salons in the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporate Area.  The project is expected to create in excess of 180 jobs for hair stylists, nail technicians and supporting staff and since the whole operation will be tax compliant from the corporate to the employee level it will direct income back to the government on behalf of the Jamaican people. 


The partners I have assembled have among them £1 Billion to invest in the Commonwealth over the next five years. This will include investment in education and relocating people to centres of commerce, science and culture around the world for work purposes. This money will do good and return good to those who issue it.
I say all of this to say to my Jamaican and British Politicians that we can think small or we can think big. One prison and £300 million is nothing compared to what has been done wrong in the past and what needs to be done right in the future.

My Prime Ministers; if I can do more then so can you.

​My name is Peter Campbell and may God save the Commonwealth of Humanity.