The magazine CEAC Global Relocation can now be pre-ordered before its official release date in late September.  Pre-ordering your subscription will secure you a 10% discount on the subscription cost [£40 being reduced to £36]. In addition to this offer of discount the first four thousand people to pre-order the magazine will be eligible for £36 off their Relocation and Employment Readiness Consultation.

Below are descriptions of our eight headline articles: 

Headline content

1)      The CEAC Global Consortium Challenge

Introduction to finance and how you can work with it to make your dream job a reality,

2)      Why we need an Open Europe

Opinions from a leading British Think Tank as to why Britain should stay in the European Union.

3)      A conversation with the new minister responsible for the National College for Teaching and Leadership

The Conservatives have won and a new person is in charge of the NCTL. I’ll ask what s/he plans to do about the shortage of Mathematics Chemistry and Physics Teachers. 

4)      The £30K life: How to live above average

A lifestyle article focused on how an Official Shortage Area Worker can expect to live.

5)      Engineering the UK: Where could you make a difference?

Engineering content focused on the areas and companies where expatriate labour can make a real difference.

6)      Weekend breaks in Britain: Spending your free time

Lifestyle content focused on how you [and your family] can spend weekends at some of the best spots in the country.

7)      Networking your way to the top.

How to build social capital in the United Kingdom.  

8)      NARIC: Why do you need it?

An in-depth look at the agency responsible for comparing international qualifications.


The first issue of the magazine will have 75 articles spanning 158 pages. For the year, on average, each issue will have 80 articles spanning 130 pages. Each magazine will have a maximum of 208 pages with the remaining space filled with products and services relevant to the expatriate life-style. We hope that our magazine motivates you towards taking the steps necessary to get into an official shortage area job in the United Kingdom.   

My name is Peter Campbell and wherever in the world you are reading this; seek and you shall find.