We could all live in Texas… or the UK.

Here are the arguments presented why migration should be curtailed.

Disadvantages of inward migration

  1. Welfare costs: Increasing cost of providing public services as migrants come into a country.
  2. Worker displacement: Possible displacement effects of domestic workers.
  3. Social pressures: Social tensions arising from the problems of integrating hundreds of thousands of extra workers into local areas and regions.
  4. Pressure on property prices: Rising demand for housing which forces up prices and rents.
  5. Benefit claims: Many immigrants find it hard to get work.
  6. Who really gains? The benefits of migration are focused mainly on employers, especially those who take on illegal workers at low wages.
  7. Poverty risk: Migration may have the effect of worsening the level of relative poverty in a society. And many migrant workers have complained of exploitation by businesses that have monopsony power in a local labour market.

Here are the ways in which a company like CEAC Global Ltd would actively refute these possibilities.

CEAC Global Ltd championing the advantages of migration. 

  1. Welfare costs: Migrants work in providing public services such as transport, healthcare and teaching thus ensuring that the population is served and are thus a part of the solution.
  2.  Worker displacement: Local workers will not be displaced because there are not enough of them to supply the skills shortage area industries.
  3. Social pressures:  The CEAC Members’ Club actively promotes co-operation and dialogue between locals and migrants
  4. Pressure on property prices: Migrants buy property within five years thus limiting their footprint on rental markets
  5. Benefit claims: Good recruiting practice ensures that highly employable people are sourced for highly employable roles.
  6. Who really gains? More essential workers mean that everyone benefits.
  7. Poverty risk: More people earning more money means there is more money being spent into the economy as a whole. We all win.
With more people comes the ability for more innovation. If you are reading this then you could make a difference. Seek and you shall find.