The American Constitution


Before the American Constitution there was the Magna Carta.

It’s the fourth of July and I take this opportunity to extend my condolences to every British Citizen on the loss of the American Colonies two hundred and thirty eight years ago. While my tongue in cheek opening is a reminder that it is a rare wind which blows everyone fowl or fair I would also like to use this article to explore some of the lessons which history often serves up to us in hind sight.

My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of a British limited liability company called Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. 

It is well known that the causes of the American Revolution though complex revolved around the issue of fair representation in exchange for fair taxation. If we had been able to lower taxes and give the American colonies a seat in parliament then the embers of revolution would have been doused and our collective energies to make war would have been channeled into more constructive areas. We lost the opportunity to grow together into a transatlantic politically unified empire. This is all in the past though and who truly knows what could have been.

The fact is that America, our former colony, is now the preeminent political power of the world. The lesson I choose to gain from this development is that those who we ignore, keep down or are simply behind us developmentally could be the ones who are ahead  of us economically, politically and militarily in what is a blink of history’s eye. The yarn of fate is weaved in interesting ways and we are but a phase in a continuum. With this in mind we should not forget to interconnect ourselves with others so that as they rise so shall we. Never forget that though political alliances may change we are all brothers. There is potential in every person and national group to become something great. This greatness may not materialize today or tomorrow. But never forget that even America was a colony a mere two hundred and thirty eight years ago.

We have the seeds of unification and the world is edging slowly towards social singularity. This dream will only be achieved if we learn the lessons of history. Hold no one back, grant everyone a voice in the assembly and together we shall overcome. 

My name is Peter Campbell, reflecting from London United Kingdom.