CEO at CEAC Global Peter Campbell

Permanent Secretary Mrs. Roberts-Risden.
The following letter was submitted on September 28th to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Jamaica Mrs. Roberts-Risden. The letter has been deemed in the public interest by Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited and its publication is meant to inform the Jamaican People and urge the Jamaican Government to do the right thing.
Hello Mrs. Roberts-Risden,

Let me first congratulate you on your recent ascension to the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. It must feel good after years of hard work and dedication to step up into another post for which you are eminently qualified.
My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of a London based recruitment and relocation consultancy called Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited.

My company solves problems of an economic nature by bringing together the key players who can effect a solution.
The first problem that we decided to solve was the official shortage of skilled man power in the following areas of British Industry:
1)     Teaching Math and Pure Sciences
2)     Social Work Dealing with Children and Families
3)     Medical professions
4)     Engineering

We decided to solve the problem by rallying various Commonwealth Countries to the assistance of the UK to provide the best and brightest of their systems in exchange for investment and technical collaboration in education and training of these shortage area staff.
Needless for me to explain how this would be of benefit to the individuals selected and the systems touched as a whole. You got promoted to your job and I am sure that if it were in your power you would not stop someone who reached the top of their profession in Jamaica from being promoted into a new field in the UK.
But that day has come when it is within your power to deny Jamaicans the opportunity for upward mobility. You hold the power to ensure that many professional and hard working Jamaicans die in poverty and never realize their dreams of uplifting themselves and their families. I will tell you how you possess this uncanny power.

My company has applied for a license to operate an employment agency within the borders of Jamaica. This license would enable us to recruit the best and brightest teachers, social workers, engineers and medical staff that Jamaica and the Caribbean has to offer. It would also enable us to legally interact with such institutions as the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, the University of the West Indies and the Teacher’s Colleges on the island and offer them technical and financial assistance in bringing the education system of the Caribbean up to the level of respectability of that of the British System so that people educated within this system will be immediately well regarded within the International Labour Market of which the UK is a respected member. The departments which you are head of have as yet not granted that license to us on the grounds that we have not proven that there are jobs out there to be filled and they have hinted that it would not be in Jamaica’s best interest to fill these jobs.

I beg to differ on this narrow view that people leaving the island is necessarily bad for Jamaica because of the following:
1)     It will allow young people to step up into entry level vacancies and so repay their student debt
2)     It will allow older workers to graduate to positions which make use of their skills and pay them a fair wage for their experience and the importance of their job
3)     It will ultimately open up Jamaica to receiving more foreign exchange through business linkages and grassroots remittances
3b) My Company will publicly commit one million pounds per year to the strengthening of the STEM education sector and Teacher Training sector in the Caribbean and the promotion of a globalized Commonwealth.

If you object to people leaving the island for the four benefits I have stated above you would be in effect saying to Jamaicans that they should die in poverty and never see the world beyond their small borders. That is how you would have used your power.

My power is limited to making you this offer as I am in the process of making the offer to other developing countries of the Commonwealth.
Your mandarins, particularly Marleen Watt and Patrice Hylton, have cited the concern that I have not presented proof of jobs. Things have changed on my side and I am now able to offer jobs in the United Kingdom on my own authority. I will present the proof of these jobs to you on the condition that this is the last hurdle towards us legally operating in Jamaica. My client wishes to start on a test basis with ten vacancies for Mathematics Teachers. Provided these vacancies are swiftly filled I will open up to five thousand official shortage area vacancies per year which could be filled by Jamaican and Caribbean Nationals. I would entitle your system as a whole to four million pounds per year or specifically £800 per person that we relocate. This money would be spent by us for the public good for the development of education systems and the communication of the labour needs of the job market to the Caribbean public.

It would be wrong to block the promotion of individuals to a better life; you know this and I know this. Marleen said to me that “that which is not written is not said.” I have written this and I will write it publicly for the benefit of the Jamaican people of whom I am a product.

I look forward to working with you towards us having the license granted and having our people make cultural, social and financial ties to the United Kingdom.

I will pray for your strength and vision in this matter. May we both seek and find success.