The Kings from whom we spring.

In the name of our Ancestors and under the authority of the world majority I come to you, not as a leader but as a servant; to deliver a message. For anyone who wants to work, there is plenty of work to be done in the world. To do this work you need accredited international qualifications, finance and a connection to a global system which can put information at your disposal before, during and after your studies so as to locate and present you for such work.

We at Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited are here to make that happen and so we have categorized non-executive jobs as follows:

International Official Shortage Area Jobs 

There is a World-wide shortage of people doing these jobs and so countries will have to compete to employ the best and the brightest. 

Regional Growth Area Jobs 

These are areas where the economy is expanding regionally but not internationally and so this part of the world has a special demand for these workers.

City Living Wage Jobs 

These are jobs which have pressures from the number of people who are applying for them but which afford a relatively stable standard of living in that city.

Sub-Prime Jobs 

These are jobs whether professional skilled or manual unskilled which do not afford a good standard of living on their own due to the fact that they are in high demand from a large pool of people who can do that job.

Where we come in 

We want to guide you in your quest for a brighter future towards International Official Shortage Area Jobs and Regional Growth Area Jobs. These are the areas where you will find a fulfilling and stable life. 

Here are services we provide or intend to provide:

 1)      Free information

2)      Access to professional products and services

3)      Access to finance and financial services

4)      Social interaction

5)      Collective bargaining


With the support of our investors we intend to go live with the One Order solution in January-February. From this vantage point we will deliver to the world a level of unification which it has not seen before.  I invoked the name of our Ancestors because they all worked and died so that we could reach this day.  World-wide democracy means that every individual has a vote in the way the world works. Incumbent on this theory is the mobilization of the people to work so that their voice and monetary influence will be heard.  

My name is Peter Campbell and this is my message to the world; seek and you shall find. 


Our collective future.


Our collective past.