Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson-Miller


Secretary-General of Caricom Irwin LaRocque

You are not alone

I will start this message by saying that though times are tough now, you are not alone. I was sent from among you five years ago by fate and circumstances to find a solution. I have travelled across an ocean to a faraway world with the aim of returning to you one day with the bounties of knowledge of a world ripe for conquest. I believe that our day is at hand. When I speak of conquest I do not mean a military conquest but an economic conquest through right thinking and action. I have presented detailed documents to the Government of Jamaica [the Prime Minister’s Office] and the Office of Trade Negotiations in Caricom for their perusal and I am using this medium to publicly call on them to work with me towards the aims of those documents. 

The Mission: Mass Mobilization 

My mission may be simply stated; to mobilize more individuals with the ethos and ability that I have to go out into the world and establish themselves on the world scene and return knowledge, culture and resources back to the Caribbean.  I have proposed that my company takes on a quota of fifteen thousand Caribbean nationals per year to be relocated around the world to take up jobs in official shortage areas.  To do this we need to and are in the process of creating an international coalition of individuals, businesses and institutions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The lessons learnt from these relationships will inform our expansion from Europe into Africa, Asia and South America. 

The formula for rising 

The formula for rising must include practical and worthwhile education. That is why I am willing to work with such institutions as the University of the West Indies and Caribbean Student Loan Agencies to reposition the labour training of the Caribbean towards the following areas:

International Official Shortage Areas

We should strive to fill high value skills areas such as Engineering, Nursing, Teaching Mathematics and Pure Sciences and Social Work Dealing with children and families in first world countries such as the United Kingdom.

Sports and Entertainment

We should strive to perfect the formula of sports and entertainment as a cultural tool of spreading our influence. These elements such as Sprinting, Dancehall and Soca music should be given university level consideration so as to perfect and export the local brand.


There is a lot of land which needs farming in the Caribbean and in Africa. I would like to see farming taught as a profession at the university level as a management course. Mechanization, technology and capital will be necessary and while we don’t have these things in spades we do have an abundance of people and institutions which can be put to work to deliver a return on investment to partnerships of countries. 


It is time we started thinking big. Let us make 2015 the year that we think big about schooling, think big about employment and think big about our role within the world.

My name is Peter Campbell, I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. I am writing from our headquarters in London, United Kingdom. To every citizen of the Caribbean I say, seek and you shall find.  


Peter Campbell Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited