You cannot climb the Burj Khalifa without the help of others.

Hello, my name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of the Relocation Consultancy Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. Today I would like to talk about freedom. Are we as a world community of people truly free? To demonstrate my hidden gripe I will tell a short story. There are very tall buildings in the Arab world (Dubai) one day a businessman said to his colleague, you are free to go to the top of this building (Burj Khalifa) using your own strength alone. You may not use the stairs or the elevator. However, you are free to climb or jump to the top. I ask you this, did that man truly have free access to the top?

There are many underlying concepts to freedom and when people bend these underlying concepts they have the power to subtly deny our freedom. By manipulating the underlying concepts it is also possible to deny freedom while maintaining the facade of freedom.  In the example above the climber’s freedom was taken away from him when the clause was inserted that he act using his own strength alone.

We often envision freedom as the individualist acting on his own. We rarely think of freedom as an action of the collective or the action of one man using the assistance of many others. I am proposing that without the help of other people we cannot be free. And to demand freedom we must as a consequence demand the help of other people. The climber in the story needed the stairs or the elevator to achieve his goal. Without these tools provided by others he would not be free to achieve his goal.

I will now return to my original question and the point of my post. Are we as a world community of people truly free? I will focus on one form of freedom which is freedom of movement. Freedom of movement has degrees. I will take it in its broadest practical form; freedom of international travel. Are we as a world community of people free to travel the world? The simple answer is no. We are not free to travel the world because as of this writing the condition is still in place that we do so on our own strength alone. I believe that the “stairs” and the “elevators” necessary to overcome natural obstacles have not yet been built for the majority of the world.

Relocation Consultancy is the staircase or elevator which assists people to get to the top. Ideally it should assist individuals to asses where they want to travel why they want to travel and how best to feasibly travel to the advantage of themselves and the collective (world). Relocation Consultancy should include the strength of the individual as well as the assistance of the collective. As in climbing a staircase you put in your strength and the staircase gets you there. Underlying factors such as skill, language, finance and legal issues should be addressed before the person embarks on their quest. Once they arrive at their destination the key issues will be integration if their stay is intended to be long term and amassing the qualitative and quantitative betterment for which they had set out.  

Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited offers a Relocation Consultancy to people from developing countries in the Commonwealth who wish to relocate to developed countries in the Commonwealth. Our first Source Nation is Jamaica and by extension the Caribbean and our first Host City is London in the United Kingdom.   The service that we provide can be broken down into five categories:

1)      Collective bargaining

2)      Line of sight services

3)      Up-to-date information

4)      Life coaching

5)      Social connection and integration

The aim of our Relocation Consultancy is to ensure that the immigration process from start to cycle restart has a positive impact on both the source and host nation. We believe that in twenty years people will think of and discuss immigration in totally different terms simply because we helped to organize it in such a way that many of the ills which host and source nations feel now would have been eliminated. 

My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. Freedom is still an issue. We are its champions in this era.