By: Peter Campbell

Written: 07/09/13 

My agent in the Caribbean country of Jamaica had a particularly rotten experience of what we call Crab in a Barrel Syndrome. This syndrome derives its name from the curious case of how crabs in an open barrel cannot seem to work together to escape. It seemed as if actual Jamaicans objected to the service that we provide. I was shocked. I have posted one of the responses because they raise concerns which anyone who is ignorant of our service would ask. Please view the following detractors:
I am not charging you for a job finding service. I will use connections which I have deliberately built up to help you find a job but our service assumes that a person’s job is not the sum total of their lives.

I am not charging you to find accommodation. I will use connections which I have acquired to ensure that you find cheap and suitable accommodation while avoiding systemic racism which immigrants usually, even without realizing, come up against. But again, where you live is not the sum total of who you are.

The service that we provide can be broken down into five categories:

1)      Collective bargaining

2)      Line of sight services

3)      Up-to-date information

4)      Life coaching

5)      Social connection and integration

We are helping you at a cost to rise socially economically and culturally in Britain. You pay us to care for you and our company provides you with an Immigration Facilitator who takes a personal interest in your life. We don’t charge upfront fees and we do point our clients in the direction of free government services and resources and help them to take advantage of it.    

Now that you know what we do Mrs. Hether-Marie Smith-Owens I hope that you will one day try our services.

My name is Peter Campbell, Managing Director of the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited, peace be upon you.