Hello my name is Peter Campbell Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. First off let me say that it is expensive to mind other people’s business and as we say in Jamaica “cockroach nuh belong innah fowl fight.”  But as I considered that an Ebola outbreak in Liberia could affect our cushy lifestyle here in Britain, I also cannot help but consider all my friends posting their intellectual arguments for one or the other side in the Palestine Conflict. In my naive optimism I ask; why can’t we all just get along? But in my cynical realism I respond; because might is right yet we cannot help but feel pity for the weak. 

The world felt pity for the Jews when they were weak and listened to their spokesmen in high places. Now that they are free and mighty it has become necessary for them to stand with their boots on the necks of the next powerless people.  My question is this, if we freed the Palestinians and set them up as governors of another minority, let’s say a Jewish minority, what’s to say that they wouldn’t abuse their position as chief boot wearer. Weakness, we must remember, is momentary and not at all a virtue.  No one’s suffering can give them licence to make others suffer. And the fact that you suffered, either individually or as a member of a group, does not automatically make you a good right thinking person. If I may give examples, slavery does not confer sainthood on Blacks, the holocaust does not make Jews holy and Palestinian suffering does not make them any better or any worse than you or me. 

Dictatorship is a fickle thing as it depends on the type of person who dictates.  Ordinary people in this epoch of human history prefer democracy because for better or for worse, the majority of us will always have ourselves to blame.  But the persecution of the minority by the majority is bad press and makes for even worse history, as in the case where normal well adjusted Germans backed a government who massacred Jews drove them out and bankrupted the world through war. The persecution of the majority by the minority is even worse as was the case in Apartheid South African. There an entitled elite held the majority of people in that land at gun point and herded them into open air concentration camps. That’s why we have the rule of law; to counter balance both the elite and the majority. The rule of law is nothing more than the dictatorship of the right thinking.        

I can boast that a right thinking man lived in my time. His name was Nelson Mandela and he advocated for democracy, the rule of law and one man one vote in his country. His example, I think, is the gold standard for oppressed people around the world. They should not seek superiority or inferiority to their oppressors. They should not strive to be the next man to wear the boot. They should strive for equality in a state which recognizes the differences between people on an individual level.

One man one vote is still possible in Palestine. Blood will have to be shed and the Jewish state which now exists will have to become so powerful that it absorbs all the land and people in Palestine.  Once that state of disproportionate power arises then a well thinking man will emerge from the oppressed people and his leadership will usher in one man one vote in a country unified by blood. This One State Reality has not yet been achieved in Palestine. Many more will have to suffer and many more will have to die.  But once they die and others are born, as sure as the sun rises and sets, this man will emerge from among the Semite peoples of Palestine. At that point a Dictatorship of the Right Thinking will prevail.

My name is Peter Campbell, relaying my views from London United Kingdom. 

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