Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is a Civil Society Organization which operates for profit in the interest of the societies of the Commonwealth and the wider world. It was founded as an Unlimited Liability Company on Father’s Day 16th June 2013 and became a Private Limited Liability Company on November 15th 2013. The organization was founded with money from British Expatriates living in the Caribbean as well as from local money raised by the Managing Director Peter Campbell who is a Jamaican by birth. With our Head Office currently based in London United Kingdom, Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited seeks to act as an effective private countermeasure to the barriers faced by people seeking upward mobility and a better life. Where there are natural or manmade, real or perceived barriers to the effective distribution of wealth through appropriate education and necessary work we intend to be there with ideas and resources as the main tools of a peaceful solution. Our mission is therefore threefold and can be broken down into social, cultural and financial objectives for ourselves and for our clients.  We will state these objectives below and the framework within which we will seek external regulation and maintain our own self regulation.

Social Mission Objectives

Our mission for the individual is to promote he/r and he/r family to self sufficient lives through work which is necessary and profitable within the nation that it is being performed. To do this we look at the shortage area industries of the countries in which we operate as a Human Resource Consultancy and encourage people from around the English Speaking Commonwealth and the world to take up these job opportunities.  Our social mission includes taking young people at the right age and encouraging them into lines of education which are useful to the society which they intend to live. We know that by providing information to the Millennial Generation we can solve International Youth Unemployment by repositioning them to industries where there is growth and high demand for labour.

Our social mission extends to the national level where we strive to solve Official Shortages in industries critical to the nation’s development by drawing on pools of labour outside of that country and integrating new diversity into the country through legal migration and settlement.

Internationally our social mission is to interconnect countries by making information widely available about jobs on offer in shortage areas nationally around the world and creating a common recruitment language through which individuals can be judged on rational and objective merits for jobs.  This common language is meant to break down barriers of discrimination both real and perceived as they exist around the world.

Cultural Mission Objectives

Our cultural mission for the individual is to alter their aspirations and consciousness through the written word and through them living a better and more fulfilling life. By helping people to think different we hope to enable them to be different. We hope that this cellular reprogramming of society will help national and international targets for cutting consumption and waste and boosting sustainable balances in production and consumption. We intend to do this by producing a magazine which will be internationally distributed and will call on the individual to take on a trade which is useful to the world, travel and become a better world citizen and ultimately contribute more to the world than they take from it.

Financial Mission Objectives

Our financial mission for the individual is to enable them and their family to live self sufficient lives without state intervention using their education, training and life experience to provide for them, the next generation and to prepare them for retirement. As a matter of policy we intend to gain the capacity to assist with the international relocation of one hundred thousand breadwinners and their families per year by the year 2018 to major cities around the world.

Our financial mission for the company is to preserve its value for generations to come while redistributing resources and power to the majority of people around the world. To do this we will reinvest 50% of our profits towards goals which have been identified to be in the interest of the collective world society and which employ individuals in key areas which are also sustainable. This list is by no means exhaustive but these are areas of interest we have identified so far for investment:

1)      Youth (2-20) development, repositioning and deployment.

2)      Clean Energy (Hydro, Wind, Solar)

3)      Information technology and the Media

Regulatory Framework

We are currently seeking regulatory oversight from the following organizations:

1)      Recruitment and Employment Confederation (UK)

2)      European Relocation Association

3)      British Standards Institution

4)      We will also maintain yearly professional indemnity insurance

Our engagement with these organizations will be dependent on our engagement with various finance organizations such as the Start-up Loans Company and the Commonwealth Foundation.

Our services within the context of the Commonwealth Charter

Our core services are as follows:

1)      We help people become ready for the job search and relocation process to a foreign country

2)      We help people with the practical matters of the relocation process

3)      We help people to socialize and network in their new host country

4)      We provide recruitment services to small to medium sized organizations for free

They coincide with the letter and spirit of the Commonwealth Charter in the following ways:

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: We believe that the highest forms of communication exist in an individual’s interactions for work. The ability to express one’s self through work begin at the point of application. We strive through our first service to give each individual a “fair shake” at expressing themselves to a potential employer.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT : We believe that the tenets of Sustainable Development will only be achieved once each individual is sustainably employed somewhere around the world in a job which is independent of central government aid.  For this to become a reality people all over the world must be assisted by other people all over the world to move and integrate as the fortunes of trade and commerce change around the globe.

IMPORTANCE OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE COMMONWEALTH:  We not only recognize the need for the involvement of young people but we are willing to put money at their disposal to achieve their goals both within and outside of our company. To this end we have drafted a proposal which will be put to the Jamaican Government to allow us to help with the repositioning of some of their youths towards UK Official Shortage Area Industries. We believe that a system of finance and promotion would serve the individual and the country alike.

RECOGNITION OF THE NEEDS OF SMALL STATES: We are committed not only in principle but in practice to the respecting of small states’ sovereignty and the rule of law within them. To this end we have foregone operation in Jamaica until we have received licensing from the Jamaican government to operate as an employment agency there. We believe that engaging with their process is the best way of ensuring mutual respect and long-term cooperation.


Our mission is multifaceted in execution but can be simply stated as, helping people and countries transcend themselves. In order to transcend, people as with countries need to feed their bodies and minds and each other through the trade of goods and services. We believe that useful education and employment is a starting point of a long journey towards enlightenment and transcendence. We are committed to the Commonwealth and its goals and seek its accreditation in order to further our joint mission. For more information about our beliefs and actions please visit our website: In all things we believe that if you seek you shall find.