On Tuesday 28th of April [2015] Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited registered as a Social Enterprise with the umbrella organization for groups of this nature in the United Kingdom , Social Enterprise UK.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is one which according to Social Enterprise UK fulfils the following criterion:

1.   The business has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents.

2.   They are an independent business and earn more than half of their income through trading (or are working towards this)

3.   They are controlled or owned in the interests of their social mission

4.   They reinvest or give away at least half their profits or surpluses towards their social purpose

5.   They are transparent about how they operate and the impact that they have

What is the social mission of CEAC Global Ltd?

Our social mission began in 2013 and concentrated on Human Resource Capacity Development of countries. Over the next ten years we have identified areas of interest for the company which evolve naturally from Human Resource Capacity Management on a national scale. These areas of interest are:

1)      Human resource management, development, finance and transfer

2)      Youth development, repositioning and deployment internationally

3)      Information technology and idea transfer particularly in access to bespoke social networks, social mobility and cultural transfers and grass roots commerce.

4)      South to South/ South to North Media

5)      Clean energy deployment in Africa

6)      City building

Our human resource mission can be simply stated as follows:

To facilitate the movement of one hundred and forty thousand bread winners from around the world into the United Kingdom over the next five years and roll out our process of social integration through access and mapping of Official Shortage Area jobs across cities and countries in the English Commonwealth.

Our youth development mission can be simply stated as follows:

To reposition the high achieving youths of the Commonwealth towards filling the Official Shortage Areas which we would have mapped and made accessible across Britain and the English Speaking World.

Our information technology goals can be simply stated as follows:

To integrate the world around a system which encourages reaching out to other people instead of social insularity.

Our media goals can be simply stated as follows:

To use the media as a tool of ensuring that the Northern World can see the various homelands of the Global South as they see themselves and interact with them in a democratic manner on equal terms.

Our energy goals can be simply stated as follows:

To reinvest our profits in African Clean Energy acquisition and deployment of technological solutions with the aim of bringing energy to the young population and enabling them to continue growing quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our city building objectives can be simply stated as follows:

To use capital, natural energy, youth, political will and our status within our own communities to build new international cities on the African Continent which are powered by clean energy and geared towards continental and international good.

Why are we doing this?

We have the time, the means and the ability to care for many people. So we do it simply because we can. We believe that the world needs more people who draw a circle of inclusion not just around themselves and their families but around their country, groups of countries and the world.

How do we intend to accomplish our mission?

We are currently engaged with Virgin Start-up; requesting a loan of £18,000 which would launch the media which would drive the wider Commonwealth’s knowledge of us and our service as well as contact with various major players who will help finance our clients. Once the core system has been established then it will be a cash rich system which because of its familial leadership will have the will to reinvest in the wider world.

The assisted movement of each Official Shortage Area Worker into the United Kingdom will net us based on our estimates close to £2000. The result of filling that one job will be that that person’s spending will be able to bolster six other jobs directly or indirectly while their work in manufacturing, health care, teaching and social work will help to bolster society qualitatively in other non-financial areas.


There are no real shortages in land, labour or capital throughout the world. What we as a people lack is the will to act upon what we know to be right even if it goes against popular sentiment. We are the Social Enterprise of tomorrow because we can do what governments cannot which is bring the means of production together on an international scale in productive places to the benefit of local and commonwealth communities.

My name is Peter Campbell, Managing Director of CEAC Global Ltd, reporting from company HQ in London UK.