I will start this article on a simple premise. Society creates its stars. But I have been off the Jamaican island for almost five years now. I am out of touch with its reality. I still think that Vybz Kartel is the number one Jamaican artist.  But I recently came into contact with a new artist called Gully Bop through the medium of YouTube. He has talent, that is undeniable and he has a good back-story. But that’s not what makes him famous.  I posit that society (us) and the powers that be have decided, no, decreed that he become famous. The machinery of the media and entertainment money gets behind him and Abra-ka-Dabra, bam this man who I can tell has known suffering is now a star. The more important question is, why can’t this happen for everyone? I will now move on to another case, Cuba. 

On Wednesday the 17th of December, a day which will live on for years, Barack Obama announced that there would be a progressive normalization of relations with Cuba. Not to be outdone were the Russians who before this had pledged to cancel 90% of Cuba’s debt £20 Billion and have laid the ground work for oil exploration and a port. Both powers seem intent on making a star out of Cuba. But the question remains, why can’t this happen for everyone? 

I will close by drawing attention to a Jamaican, St. Mathew Golding. He posted a video of him and some friends feeding people of much similar circumstances as Gully Bop arose from.  It is no coincidence that I have drawn a line between these three things. 

I personally believe that Jamaica needs a welfare state of the Nordic kind to cherish the weak among us and build them up as their talent and zeal dictates. It is possible on the individual level as Gully Bop’s rise to prominence proves for the group to rally around the individual. It is possible on the national level as Cuba’s circumstance shows for states to rally around states. It is possible in Jamaica for good deeds to be financed by those who can. It is possible to make stars out of us all. 

In the years to come our history will play out based on the fact that you have read this. Pray, if you can do nothing else, as our national anthem sings, “To our leaders, great defenders, grant true wisdom from above. “ And remember, we are God’s hands and feet on Earth. 

My name is Peter Campbell, reporting from my station in our colony within the United Kingdom.   Seek and you shall find.