In the Government’s plans for the improvement of London as an engine for the UK economy there are many opportunities for people from overseas to take up official shortage industry roles. We would like to highlight three areas where entry is possible:

1)      Teaching

2)      Construction

3)      Transport

The government’s plans for these areas are detailed here, they include:

1.      The creation of half a million extra jobs in London by 2020 by backing businesses, attracting worldwide investment and continuing to raise standards in schools

2.      The extension of the 24 hour tube routes to include the London Overground in 2017, and the District, Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines once the modernisation programme is complete.

3.      The building of over 400,000 new homes – including through a London Land Commission to identify and support development of brownfield and public sector land

The people we need

For these plans to work practically they will require people from the following areas:

1)      Teachers of:

a)      Mathematics

b)      Chemistry

c)      Physics

2)      Construction Engineers in the field of:

a)      Geotechnical Engineering

3)       The following jobs in the railway industry:

a)       signalling design manager

b)       signalling design engineer

c)      signalling principles designer

d)     senior signalling design checker

e)       signalling design checker

f)       signalling systems engineer

These people will be needed to fulfill short term demands and help build long term capacity.

What we do

Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited exists to help find, select, relocate, manage/develop and retain these staff in the long-term.

We are also working with our partner agency in Jamaica to develop a plan for the youths of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean and Commonwealth to re-position the supply of young people towards official shortage areas. This will include a detailed plan for the assessment of students, their motivation, education, networking and progression.

Our plan is to help London fill roles which cannot be readily filled locally and by doing so help the Commonwealth.

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