My Story

I arrived in the UK with £80 in my pocket and nothing else. I had no plan of where I wanted to be, let alone how to get there.

You can guess what happened next: months of working in a dead end job, feeling alone and lost.

Though those years were hard, there are far worse stories out there. I was lucky to have help from my family, but many make the journey from the Caribbean to the UK without any support or guidance.

It was seeing their struggle that made me realise my purpose. I founded the Caribbean East Atlantic Company to give everyone who has the dream and the drive to make a new life in the UK everything they need to start a successful career and avoid the hundred little mistakes waiting to trip them up.

As my mother says, there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. That’s even more true when there’s an ocean in between.

Who Are CEAC?

We’re a team of specialists across a wide variety of sectors who provide careers, support and networking for people who want to move to the UK from abroad with as little risk as possible.

To do this, we work with recruiters in UK shortage areas who can guarantee jobs for our clients before they leave their home country. The employer can then sponsor their VISA, letting them work and live in the UK for up to three years.

Our immigration lawyers ensure that every aspect of the VISA application for the applicant and their family is carried out correctly and keep our clients fully informed every step of the way.

The next step is handled by our relocation specialists, who find comfortable, convenient and affordable accommodation. After all, there’s no point working if all your money is swallowed by the rent. Our relocation specialists will also assist in transporting any belongings that our clients or their families wish to take with them.

Finally, the Member’s Club. Everyone who uses CEAC becomes part of a network of fellow migrants, who provide the friendship and support that is essential to finding success and happiness abroad. Even if our clients make the journey alone, they find a family with CEAC.

Most importantly, our relationship with our clients is indefinite. As their lives and their goals evolve, so do we. I want to see our clients own properties and businesses, to see their children graduate from university and to be able to give back generously to their home countries.

Why CEAC is Good for Everyone


By finding staff for UK shortage areas, CEAC helps people build more promising futures for themselves while also providing a valuable service to their host country.

I could have stopped there, but I also want to solve the problems that make people want to leave their homes in the first place. That’s why a portion of our profits are reinvested back into the home country, in areas such as health, education, technology and infrastructure.

After all, by helping their skilled workers move we’re taking away people who could contribute to that country’s future. That felt wrong to me. Through this reinvestment, the more success our clients find abroad, the more their home country benefits.

Then, one day, the next generation of skilled workers won’t have to look overseas for opportunity.

Let’s work for a balanced world

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