Hello to all my new and returning readers. My name is Peter Campbell I am the CEO and Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. This business is a transnational recruiting and relocating consultancy based in London which aims to prepare, connect and enable people to take up work and life opportunities wherever in the world they happen to be. My role as Managing Director includes providing an ideological framework in which to conduct our business. It is meant that the leadership of the managing director will guide the organization towards growth, profitability and market dominance. In gaining these things we aim to redefine the world and the industries that we enter for the betterment of humanity as a whole.  In this post I would like to talk about war.   

As a society we tend to think of war in terms presented to us by the media.  A state sends troops to another country to despoil them of their natural resources or to impose an order from above onto them.  We have come to think of war in western societies as something waged in far off lands which has nothing to do with us and which we would personally never take part in. We also view war negatively as a tool of the powerful and a tool of the oppressor. I would like to use this space to redefine what war means to you.  I believe that war is a tool of change which can be wielded by anyone. It need not involve the use of a military force. The tool of war is simply the means by which the will of individuals and groups is imposed.  The world is becoming more sophisticated and the means of imposing the will of individuals and groups are becoming more sophisticated.  It is no longer civilized to use blatant force of arms to achieve a purpose. However the powerful still wage war on the powerless using more and more sophisticated methods. War can take place on the economic front where resources are amassed to fight a cause and to achieve good or bad for or by a disadvantaged group. War can be waged on the social front where people interact and exchange ideas with the aim of installing a superior, or more popular, idea. War can take place on the cultural front where we change the ways in which things are normally done with the aim of toppling old ways of doing things and installing new ways of doing things. When you think of war in this way then you start to see economic, social and cultural wars all around you. This is a good thing. You are awakening. 

Each generation must recognize and not trivialize its wars to establish itself and to stamp its mark onto history. We as the young generation of twenty year olds have a war on the economic front to fight. It is hard for us to get jobs and be accepted into the society of people who work to earn a living. It is hard for us to get on the housing ladder and own property. I believe that the words of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I addressed to the United Nations on Oct 6, 1963 can and must be updated in the same spirit each generation to reflect the righteous struggles that we as a world community engage in. I believe that:

 Until the philosophy which holds one class superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned in the United Kingdom then there will be war, rioting, industrial action and other social upheavals. And until a worthy purpose is guaranteed to every person without regard to age, race or national origin, immigration status or residence in a particular community then there will be war.  And until information is freely and openly disseminated about our system proportional to its various inhabitants and until the ways of life inside and outside our system are justly reported on and open to comparison by the least to the greatest of us then there will be war.  And until there is a concerted effort to integrate new arrivals from around Europe and the Commonwealth and the entire world and until these people are given their historic birthright to draw water from the well of Britain and other first world states and to share in its lows and highs then there will be war.

This war will be waged by right thinking intellectuals, professionals and business people who have the means to stand up and lead their fellow man in a cause which is self evidently just and righteous. It will be waged with economic weapons, technology and ideological skill raised from every part of the earth where willing and able brothers and sisters may be found.

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes which hold our brothers in the cities of Britain and the so-called first world, in economic and social bondage are toppled and replaced with prosperity and an individual sense of purpose; and until multinational corporations proportionally represent the interests of a multinational world, and profits, information and stability are distributed proportionally to all the states involved in producing prosperity then the dream of economic stability, personal enrichment and advances in civilized living will remain to each of us a fleeting illusion which we will live to pursue but never attain. For these reasons I and others like me will continue to wage economic, social and cultural war.  We are confident that the forces of the market, the will of the majority and the collective force of humanity stand on our side. We will live and toil and die so that economically, socially and culturally all members of the world society are able to draw water from the well of prosperity wherever it happens to be.

We must work together to build a world which includes everyone. We must each think bigger than we have to date. We must think further than our national boundaries and with the interest of more than any one group of people in mind. By working together and waging war against injustice in whatever form or place it presents, we will gain the rewards of our boundless humanity.

My name is Peter Campbell and I rally you wherever you are in the world to the cause of our generation.