When I came to the UK in 2009 I had eighty pounds in my pocket. I had big dreams of making it as an intellectual in the city. Those dreams were soon dashed to pieces by the realization that you needed money to realize your dreams. Ordinary people needed to work in order to have money and by working they never had time to realize their dreams.  The puzzle my mind was coming to grips with led me down a dark path towards mental ill health. On the tenth of the tenth in the year 2010 I was hospitalized suffering from a stress induced psychotic episode. It took a two month stint in hospital for me to begin to recover and another year before I could understand and relate what I had gone through.

If I could pass on one lesson to a future immigrant it would be that they should not underestimate the mental toll that relocation could take on them. The immigrant should be praised for giving themselves to a new country and physically moving towards their dreams of a better world. In addition to praise they also need our support in integrating into the collective we call society. By helping our newly arrived neighbour we would better understand our own universal needs and how to satisfy them with the common resources which we would have accumulated together.

The merger which I have proposed is one which would bring mental well-being to the forefront of work and relocation. It would also ensure that the now cash strapped London Paranoia Network would have the means to survive into the foreseeable future. The social, financial and cultural benefits which we would gain together would be greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

There are many moving parts to this merger as The Network is still a loose federation of individuals and groups. The decision makers at Mind in Camden who sit at the centre of the operation would have to see their way towards divesting themselves of the responsibility for day to day operation in return for shares of a set value which would yield a yearly return to them.

I say to them that with Caribbean East Atlantic Company’s money and means, together we can change our world.

My name is Peter Campbell and I am expanding the vision of this company from Newham London, United Kingdom. 

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