Month: March 2015

Terra nullius 

Back in the days when Europeans emigrated from Europe to other places around the world they had a legal term for land which they came upon and occupied.  That term was Terra Nullius and means in Latin “land belonging to no one.”  The term gave people license to settle the new territory which was not really new because people already lived there. Europeans left Europe for the same reasons that people travel all over the world. Those reasons ranged from desperate poverty and necessity to opulent wealth and desire;  everything in-between that is a reason for a vacation or...

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Will you change? 

My flow, my show brought me the doughThat bought me all my fancy thingsMy crib, my cars, my pools, my jewelsLook, homie, I done came up and I ain’t changed With all the money you will be making once you transfer for your new job what will you do? Will you be partying ever weekend or will you spend time with your family. Will you save or will you blow it all in one go? I thought about the implications of these questions for us all as individuals and as a group. How have I changed over the past...

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Shortages and their solution 

The shortage of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers in the United Kingdom has serious and far reaching implications for the future of the country as a leading developed nation. Not having enough STEM subject teachers means that the next generation of workers will not have an aptitude for hard skills areas such as engineering, science, technology and mathematics areas of work. We are already experiencing the effects of these shortages as our UK schools altogether produce only 90% of the STEM graduates needed each year to maintain the economic recovery of Great Britain over the next twenty years. This...

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