Month: December 2014

We need a World View not an American View 

America decides to normalize relations with Cuba and suddenly everyone remembers international affairs. But did you know that if the Labour Party of Britain wins the next general election then there will be a need for 20,000 additional nurses in the National Health Service? Is the Caribbean ready for the positive and negative impacts of this windfall? The Rise of Africa Britain is America’s closest ally but look further south. Has anyone noticed that our African continent has been growing at “Chinese-like” rates since the turn of the century? What are you doing to take part in that growth? How willing at all are you to share in our brother’s bounty ?  The Brazilian Powerhouse  America is doing fine but what do we know about Brazil? How has the Caribbean been benefiting from this economic powerhouse? Is it time we plugged up to the closest of the BRICS nations? I’ve heard some ideas about rapid industrialization in the Caribbean but let’s leave politics out of this. Individual, collective and corporate action is needed to take advantage of growth around the world. This is how we are going to stay afloat as a region. China: The next Great Power?  Did you know that China has been growing exponentially for the past twenty years? Jamaicans bawling for factory work and I say to them, go to China. My philosophy is that whatever you...

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Another one born!

I will start this article on a simple premise. Society creates its stars. But I have been off the Jamaican island for almost five years now. I am out of touch with its reality. I still think that Vybz Kartel is the number one Jamaican artist.  But I recently came into contact with a new artist called Gully Bop through the medium of YouTube. He has talent, that is undeniable and he has a good back-story. But that’s not what makes him famous.  I posit that society (us) and the powers that be have decided, no, decreed that he become famous. The machinery of the media and entertainment money gets behind him and Abra-ka-Dabra, bam this man who I can tell has known suffering is now a star. The more important question is, why can’t this happen for everyone? I will now move on to another case, Cuba.  On Wednesday the 17th of December, a day which will live on for years, Barack Obama announced that there would be a progressive normalization of relations with Cuba. Not to be outdone were the Russians who before this had pledged to cancel 90% of Cuba’s debt £20 Billion and have laid the ground work for oil exploration and a port. Both powers seem intent on making a star out of Cuba. But the question remains, why can’t this happen for everyone?  I...

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One Order

One Order will go live in January. The concept was introduced to me back when I was in Jamaica. It was the idea that anything could be organized and made into a functional conglomerate. In Jamaica desperate men sought control over their world and the power to make a living. In Jamaica we associate “One Order” with criminality because some people organized their world with violence as a tool. Their success made the term synonymous with disorder. It is not. One Order, as the name suggests, is a grouping of dissimilar people and organizations around a common aim and intention. It is the secular manifestation of Social Singularity. For there to be order there has to be leadership and an acceptance that we are all heading in the same direction. For there to be only one order a superior way of doing things has to emerge which envelopes all other ways of doing things. Let’s move this discussion out of the realm of theories. I am talking about what we all have to do to stay alive. Whatever you do to survive that is your job. If you are not happy with your job because it is meaningless then One Order will offer you the pathway and the means to make your life better. In January I will be launching an automated web...

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