Month: November 2014


Hello to those reading my posts for the first time. My name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of the British private limited company named Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. My job as managing director is multifaceted it includes writing these blogs  to showcase our collective vision as a company and hopefully winning supporters both at home and abroad . In this post I would like to talk about leaving home and returning. When I left Jamaica I was twenty years old.  On the 29th of December this year it would have been five years since I left the island of Jamaica as an adventurer in search of fame and fortune. The events that led up to me leaving the island are clear in my mind as if they were yesterday. Diminishing returns meant that at the end of my second year of university I wasn’t doing as well as I had done in my first year. There was friction within my family over my vision at the time and how I wanted to achieve it. I was also in love, young and stupid. I left Jamaica feeling despair. I felt as if staying would have closed off the possibilities which were open to me. I was arrogant, I thought Jamaica wasn’t big enough for me. I believed at the time that I would rather live my...

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The mistakes of history 

Hello, my name is Peter Campbell and while I am no historian I would like to talk about history today. I was told that civilisation started around five thousand years ago. I was also told that the world was created six thousand years ago in six days, the maker of the world rested on the seventh day. A lot of science has gone into debunking the second thing that I was told with carbon dating and fossil history etcetera but we still accept that civilized man, defined as man writing and thinking and doing great things started only five thousand years ago. So we evolved from apes and then five thousand years ago we emerged from caves and built the pyramids of Egypt. Of what I know from observing the functioning of a great society I can adduce that it would take a greater level of organization than what we understand as “cavemanship” to produce the works of Egypt. If we can eliminate the impossible; that cave dwelling Neanderthals or aliens created the pyramids then we are left with the conclusion that Egyptians, “modern men”, created these buildings five thousand years ago.  The pyramids do not mark the start of civilization but an inevitable continuation of what must have been the result of many generations of accumulated work. We are told lots of other things, that the age of...

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What is the meaning of life?

Michael Tyner Alsbury (Space Pilot) Sir Richard Charles Branson Hello, my name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of a company which represents the peaceful rise of the Caribbean as a cultural force for good. I know I drew some of you in with the prospect of finding out what the meaning of life is. I won’t disappoint, or impose on your patience. The meaning of life can be extrapolated from life itself. It is the two fold accumulation and dissemination of resources and energy to the end of creating more life. Simply put, the purpose or “meaning” of life is to accumulate and consume and to give birth to new life. I sussed this out at age twenty-four after running a self help group for a year. You might think it was unwise of me to give away the prize so early and therefore there is nothing left to read on about. Well, in the spirit of good faith I would like to ask you the reader to keep reading. Since I delivered one nugget of wisdom without going around the houses it is probable that I could have more, and all you’d need to spare is time. The conundrum    The conundrum with life, human life, is that in our accumulation and consumption of resources and energy...

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