Month: June 2014

The path I am offering you [A process flow]

Hello, my name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. We are a recruitment and relocation immigration consultancy with bases in London United Kingdom and Kingston Jamaica. In this post I would like to deal specifically with the issue which is on your mind. How can I make a better life for myself and my family in the United Kingdom?  This question may seem daunting to you from where you sit now but you only need to consider that others have done it before, and so, you can do it too. A life expands or contracts based on the will of the individual to press on further and live at the edge of his or her comfort zone and ability. When you choose the hard road, the narrow road, the road which scorns the easy way you can be sure that in ten years you will be a stronger person for it. This is the path which Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is offering you. In ten years you could be a multiple millionaire by Jamaican standards if you follow the following process flow.   Find Rosalee Wood. She is our Caribbean First Contact Officer based in Kingston Jamaica. The cost of a professional consultation with us is £90 and it covers a forty-five minute meeting in our offices...

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Housing in London; an immigrant’s perspective 

Hello to all my readers and clients. My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. I am the voice of the newly arrived immigrant. I am the truth because I have lived the journey from the bottom up. I have already told that story of my rags to riches journey in my blog post “From Benefits to Business”.  I still have a long way to go as the journey of self improvement only ends when you die. I have always maintained that the twin pillars of a person’s existence are where they live and what they do to pass their day times. Everything else is built on these two things, I think.  Most people work to earn a living during the days but among this multitude of people in Greater London they all have different living situations.   Nearly a quarter of London’s households rent their home from a private landlord. My previous landlord was a quiet man. Dark clouds only started to gather once he rented a room in the house to a tenant without doing the relevant checks. This tenant was anti-social. He smoked marijuana in the house, kept pets which he did not clean up after and to the landlord’s dismay he did not pay the rent.  The landlord took him to Bow County...

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