Month: March 2014

Why is Jamaica poor?

A response to the Gleaner article by Keiran King “Why Jamaica is Poor.” Hello to my fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean Nationals in Jamaica and around the world. My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. CEAC [Seek] is a transnational, British Jamaican owned enterprise dedicated to creating a better life for people in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Commonwealth. We intend to do this by incentivising your education in fields which happen to be official shortage areas in British and First World Industries. An official shortage area in a country is one where there are not enough locals who are able to fulfil the demand for workers in that field. In the United Kingdom, where I happen to be based, Engineering, Social Work with children and families, Neonatal intensive care nursing and midwifery as well as Teaching Mathematics and Pure Sciences happen to be official shortage areas.  In practical terms this means that if you had a helping hand to find  that job, employ you in that job and relocate you to do that job your personal earnings would be anywhere between £22,000 and £35,000 per year as a starting salary.  Please take a moment, if you wish, to calculate this in Jamaican dollars. Now that you know that you could...

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Medical Marijuana another magic pill

Blessed by science is this the next economic magic pill? Hello everyone. My name is Peter Campbell. I am the managing director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. My job is to cherish the weak and give vision to our populace as the Jamaican National Anthem says. Vision is needed today, as it ever was before, in a changing world where our people are looking to the future for a messiah, be it a product, service or person to deliver them from their economic situation. I was scanning The Gleaner in the week of the 24th and I saw that medical marijuana was dominating the debate. I urge caution on pinning the hopes and dreams of any nation on any product, service or person to deliver the individual citizen from his economic situation. What I learnt in high school about our mixed but primarily capitalistic western world is that real wealth comes from the ownership of land, control of labour, particularly one’s own, access to capital and the inner drive, entrepreneurship, to achieve.  Without these things it doesn’t matter if we struck oil, let alone decriminalized marijuana, if we didn’t have the means within ourselves to manage and retain the money which a rise in production would create then this wealth would be lost on us. My recommendations to the government and people of Jamaica and by extension the...

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