Peter Campbell Managing Director

My name is Peter Campbell. Most of you probably already know that I am the Managing Director of the company called Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. If you are in any doubt that this is a real organization please check with Companies House UK at this link for the company under the number 08777678.

You may have been in contact with Ms. Rosalee Wood. She no longer works for the company because we could not pay her the type of salary she wanted. She has been paid in excess of £5,500 for her work to date and has been promised an additional JA$200,000.00 in severance pay once the company in fully operational. All money that she has been paid to date has come from me and my family’s savings not revenue from the company. I believe in this venture and what it can do for Jamaicans and people of the Caribbean and Commonwealth. That is why as the leader of my family I have overseen the investment of £25,000.00 of our money in the financial year 2013-2014. I would have loved to continue working with Rosa and I was sad to have had to let her go. 

Moving forward 

We have received the green light from Cavendish Management Resources for Angel Investment Support. Our business requires £250,000.00 in order to be up and running to serve you.  A part of this money would go towards the development of a cutting edge web platform which will bring you jobs from the developed world in your area of expertise and unite the growing Jamaican Diaspora in one place online.  The platform will also guide you through the process of becoming ready for jobs in your field of expertise and bringing you in contact with people critical to the relocation process beginning in the United Kingdom. We will add new countries to our offering over time but I believe in starting with the best first. The amount stated above will be raised by selling a small piece of the company to an investor whom CMR would have vetted and presented to us. 

We need your help 

Cavendish Management Resources aren’t working for free. They charge a funding assistance fee of £1800 (VAT included).  I need to raise that amount in order to pay their administrative costs and get introduced to the big money investor(s).

I would like your help.  By buying a share in my company you will ensure that we are able to take the next critical steps. The cost of each share will be two thirds of the cost of your initial consultation i.e. £60. I am making 300 shares available to Jamaican nationals who wish to support the work that we are doing on a first come first serve basis. Each of these 300 shares will represent 1/85,000th of the total company. This means that I have valued Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited in its current form at £5.1 million. My current valuation is roughly ten percent of what the company could make in its first year of operating at full capacity with the automated system and full staffing. This means that at the end of year one your £60 would have made £600 before taxation.  


In addition to selling you a share of our profits I am willing to give each qualified Jamaican national who buys shares in my company a waiver of their second stage of consultation which is the Employer Readiness Verification.  That is a gift from me to you of a maximum of £27,000.00 if three hundred qualified individuals bought one share each. 

Your support equals our support 

Without your support this site cannot succeed. Your small investment is the enzyme that will convert our process from potential to kinetic. Our success depends on you voting with your wallets that what we are doing is a good idea. If you support us within the next month you can be guaranteed the following:

·         We will invest in British Standards certification for our entire process

·         We will work with the Jamaican government to receive licensing in Jamaica and CARICOM

·         We will invest in projects which train the youth of Jamaica for official world-wide shortage areas

What should you do next? 

If you are interested in one of the three hundred shares on offer then please send us an email at thecaribbeancompany@gmail.com.  I will be in touch with you to confirm the process by which an official share certificate will be issued to you for the number of shares you wish to purchase.

On behalf of The Campbell Family, our outsourcing partners and the Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited team I would like to thank each of you for checking out our site over the last seventeen months. Your likes and statements of goodwill have kept us strong. Hopefully we can convert your interest into mutually beneficial support.  

Kind regards,
Peter Campbell
Managing Director
Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited
Company Number: 08777678
Web: www.CaribbeanEastAtlanticCompany.com
Tel: +44 (0)2036320497
Mobile: +44 (0) 7448195780
Registered address: 48 Plaistow Park Road
London, E13 0SD